Published On: Thu, May 25th, 2017

Trump’s iPhone Has Only One App Installed and We Wish It Wasn’t Twitter

Trump faced several restrictions with his personal phone after apropos a boss of a United States of America. Due to confidence reasons, he was no longer authorised to use it and it took steady warnings from the confidence agencies to finally make him switch to an iPhone instead.

Now, in a latest development, a news site Axios claims that Trump’s iPhone is intensely sealed down. The usually manifest app on a device is Twitter. Apparently, Trump’s staff has been suggested to keep a boss bustling so that he does not find adequate time to tweet. Trump’s aides try to quell his shade time so that he doesn’t get to post quarrelsome tweets.

In a report, Axios writes:

Top White House officials tell me a pivotal to forcing a some-more trained President Trump (like a one onstage overseas) is tying his shade time. In Trump’s case, it’s curtailing his time examination TV and banging out tweets on his iPhone.

Trump himself has been pulling staff to give him some-more giveaway time. But staff does all it can to bucket adult his report to keep him from removing worked adult examination wire coverage, that mostly precipitates his tweets. It has worked good abroad so far.

President’s iPhone seems to be configured with MDM collection to censor bonds app and shorten download of additional apps. To recall, even President Obama was usually authorised to use an iPad, that was also configured with restrictions. In President Trump’s case, iPhone is selected as a elite choice over Samsung phone that used to be Trump’s prior phone. Interestingly, he was regulating a Galaxy S3 that was deemed to be uncertain as it had not perceived a confidence refurbish given 2015.

As per a reports, Trump began regulating an iPhone in Mar notwithstanding job restrictions on Apple phones. Given Trump’s love towards Twitter, a toned down iPhone seems like a protected bet. However, given a story of Trump’s argumentative tweets, many wish if a Twitter app could have been layered with restrictions too.

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