Published On: Sun, Jun 20th, 2021

Trump congratulates Nigeria for Twitter ban, says some-more countries should do a same

“Congratulations to a nation of Nigeria, who usually criminialized Twitter since they criminialized their President,” he pronounced in a statement.

The ex-president also speedy other countries to follow in Nigeria’s footsteps and anathema Twitter and Facebook.

“More COUNTRIES should anathema Twitter and Facebook for not permitting giveaway and open debate — all voices should be heard. In a meantime, competitors will emerge and take hold. Who are they to foreordain good and immorality if they themselves are evil? Perhaps we should have finished it while we was President. But Zuckerberg kept job me and entrance to a White House for cooking revelation me how good we was. 2024?” he added.

Trump’s capitulation is entrance days after Nigeria dangling Twitter indefinitely. The supervision done a visualisation days after Twitter deleted Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari’s twitter for violating a aroused poise process and several calls by Nigerians to take it down. His twitter threatened punishment on secessionists in a southeastern partial of a country.

Nigeria suspends Twitter operations, says height ‘undermines a corporate existence’

Although a Nigerian President, around his spokesperson, after announced that a state-wide anathema on Twitter was usually a proxy magnitude to quell misinformation and feign news, new directives advise otherwise. The supervision systematic broadcasting media to undo their Twitter accounts and stop regulating a height as a news source on Monday, that serve confirms a ploy to suppress giveaway debate and make censorship.

“In correspondence to a above directive, broadcasting stations are hereby suggested to de-install Twitter handles and terminate from regulating Twitter as a source (UGC) of information entertainment for news and programmes display generally phone-in,” an mention of a matter read.

On a other hand, Trump has been on a receiving finish of not one though dual bans. In early January, he was henceforth criminialized from Twitter after instigating a aroused advance of a U.S. Capitol. Twitter cited concerns over a “risk of serve incitement of violence.”

Why Twitter says it criminialized President Trump

He was subsequently dangling indefinitely on Facebook. Last Friday, a amicable media juggernaut announced a preference to recur Trump’s cessation in dual years (which starts counting from January).

“At a finish of this period, we will demeanour to experts to consider either a risk to open reserve has receded. We will weigh outmost factors, including instances of violence, restrictions on pacific open and other markers of polite unrest. If we establish that there is still a critical risk to open safety, we will extend a limitation for a set duration of time and continue to re-evaluate until that risk has receded,” clamp boss for Global Affairs and Communications during Facebook, Nick Clegg said.

When a cessation is eventually lifted, there will be a despotic set of fast sharpening sanctions that will be triggered if Mr Trump commits serve violations in future, adult to and including permanent dismissal of his pages and accounts.”

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