Published On: Mon, Jan 21st, 2019

Travis Strikes Again Version 1.0.1 Update Brings New Game+ Mode And Bonus T-Shirts


Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes has usually been accessible on Switch given final Friday, though a diversion has already perceived a initial refurbish bringing a new mode and additional collectables for players to enjoy.

The update, that brings a diversion to chronicle 1.0.1, facilities a New Game+ Mode to yield players with another reason to burst behind in for some-more after violence a game. The New Game+ Mode allows we to send all your skills and impression levels to a code new game, as seen in a proclamation twitter below.

On tip of this, new reward t-shirts have done their approach into a update, privately for players who have beaten all a bosses in Spicy Mode. If we haven’t achieved this only yet, make certain to supplement it to your to-do list to obstacle a additional goodies.

Finally, Grasshopper has reliable that a refurbish also fixes several bugs “to safeguard a smoothest gameplay knowledge possible”. A modern-day refurbish only wouldn’t feel right but a peculiar bug repair or two, now would it?

If we missed a news recently, sum of Legendary t-shirts, as good as new theatre info and a ‘Day 7 Patch’, have also been shared.

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