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Toukiden 2 Review – A Slayer and His Demon Hand

Toukiden: The Age of Demons was a acquire warn when it launched a few years ago. Trying to float a waves of a Monster Hunter series’ success, Koei Tecmo and Omega Force expelled a pretension that, while desirous by a renouned Capcom series, managed to mount on a possess interjection to a singular environment and streamlined gameplay facilities that done it easier to get into than Monster Hunter games, famous for requiring a lot of time and calm to finally get going. Toukiden Kiwami, expelled a few years later, stretched some of a predecessors’ features, and Toukiden 2 brings all to a whole new level, introducing some new facilities that change a regulation and make a diversion utterly enjoyable.

Toukiden 2 is set dual years after a events of Toukiden Kiwami, and 10 years after a Awakening, when Oni began flooding a world, forcing a Slayers to come out in a light to quarrel them. During a conflict during Yokohama, a entirely customizable categorical impression is mysteriously ecstatic 10 years into a destiny by a absolute Oni, anticipating himself in a encampment of Mahoroba. With a assistance of a Professor, a Automaton Tokistugu, and a internal Slayers Benizuki and Homura, a erratic Slayer starts to fit in a village, forging holds that will assistance keep him in a stream era. As a story moves on, a Slayer and his companions will learn a loyal definition of a Awakening as good as a tip behind a hull sparse around a village.

Toukiden 2’s story, while distant from being original, is indeed engaging, interjection to a desirable expel of characters that will accompany a actor during a 30 or so hours compulsory to finish a categorical campaign. In a diversion like this, a story is really not one of a categorical reasons to play, though it provides a good backdrop for all a Oni sport movement players will be doing.

One of a biggest changes introduced in Toukiden 2 is a proceed players try a world. Unlike a prior games, where usurpation missions ecstatic players in a idea area, in Toukiden 2 players will have a possibility to try a large open universe filled with small, middle and large creatures, secrets to find, quests to accept and finish and more. Unlike other open universe games, where it’s easy to get overwhelmed, Toukiden 2 handles this form of knowledge in a really enchanting proceed with a introduction of a Otherworld, filled with a Miasma constructed by Oni. If a Miasma sign is filled while exploring this partial of a world, a actor dies. To forestall this from happening, players can revoke a Miasma levels by murdering a absolute Oni that furnish it. With these mechanics, players do have a set idea when reaching new areas, that creates scrutiny some-more focused and altogether some-more interesting, as erratic around becomes an choice usually after a Miasma turn has been brought down. And erratic around does have a perks, as players can find copiousness of materials, discretionary calm that elaborates on a story, and confront opposite Oni depending on a time of day.

At a same time, Toukiden 2 doesn’t totally do divided with some of a prior entries’ systems. In a categorical village, players can accept a accumulation of missions that will ride players automatically to a idea area. Missions supposed in a encampment can usually be finished with a assistance of AI companions, with multiplayer missions being usually accessible from Portal Stones. The open universe shred of a diversion is sealed to singular actor only, that competence not lay good with some, though by personification a diversion it’s flattering transparent how this was a usually proceed to go.

Toukiden 2 also expands on a series’ quarrel complement in some enchanting ways, creation it feel informed and uninformed during a same time. Back from Toukiden Kiwami are 10 weapons, with 2 really enchanting additions, a Sword and Shield, and Chain Whip. All returning weapons also come with new moves and mechanics, so those who mastered a specific arms form in a prior games will still find something new to learn and use in battle. Another important further to a quarrel complement is a Demon Hand, that allows players to fastener on enemies and objects to pierce around fast and unleash absolute aerial attacks. The Demon Hand is also an essential apparatus while fighting a bigger Oni, as it’s probable to miscarry special attacks by regulating a Hand during a right time. Mitama, a souls of over heroes, also make a stately quip in Toukiden 2, extenuation players a accumulation of enhancement, shy and conflict skills that can be extended by regulating a skills regularly and by behaving specific actions in battle. Mitama also concede players to customize their character, as any one belongs to 11 opposite forms that change a conflict style. With several combo strings and special techniques for any arms type, a Destroyer attacks, that immediately destroy an Oni physique part, skills postulated by Mitama and a Demon Hand, there are a lot of quarrel options in Toukiden 2. Sadly, they don’t forestall it from apropos seared after a while.

Being an Omega Force grown title, it’s not startling to see how symbol mashy things can get in Toukiden 2, even opposite a many absolute Oni. Sure, players can try to play in a intelligent way, focusing on Oni limbs and other physique tools to make a quarrel easier, though when mashing by fights is a current choice many of a time, one has to consternation if it’s value it to try and play a diversion differently. Some of a fights are severe enough, that’s for sure, though a infancy of them usually need players to relentlessly conflict Oni until they are dead, something that competence trivialize many of a enchanting mechanics found in a game. Switching arms form frequently can make quarrel reduction boring, though it still doesn’t change a fact that symbol mashing is a viable choice many of a time.

Despite this, it’s definite that there’s still a certain compensation in defeating Oni, as they dump apparatus that can be used to  creating new weapons and armor, giving players some-more inducement in venturing out in a wild, generally if they’re formulation to uncover off their rigging in a multiplayer mode. Obtaining materials is also done easier by nonetheless another new feature, that allows players to send a entirely customizable Automaton out in a universe to collect items.

Having also been expelled on PlayStation 3 in Japan, Toukiden 2 isn’t a best looking diversion around, though it still manages to demeanour good on PlayStation 4, with bigger Oni models looking fearsome with copiousness of details. Environments, on a other hand, have a general demeanour to them that can't contest with games like Horizon Zero Dawn and The Witcher 3. Performance is solid, with a diversion using during plain 30FPS even in a many pell-mell sequences, though a aloft support rate would have been preferred. Music, sound effects, and Japanese denunciation usually voice dubbing are also appropriate, though frequency outstanding.

Toukiden 2 improves on a predecessors in each probable way, introducing open universe scrutiny that works impossibly good and new quarrel mechanics. With many customization options, arms types, skills and more, there’s utterly a lot to keep players entertained for a prolonged time, postulated they can get past a symbol mashing inlet of a quarrel system, that becomes rather seared after a few hours. Even though these issues, however, it would have been formidable to suggest a diversion wholeheartedly to anyone outward of fans of a series, as new games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Zelda: Breath of a Wild, Nier: Automata and Nioh all do open world, combat, and story most improved than Toukiden 2. It’s a shame, since a Omega Force grown pretension is, though a doubt, a really plain game: it’s usually releasing during a misfortune probable time.

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 (code supposing by a publisher).

Toukiden 2 improves flattering most on each underline of a predecessors, with an enchanting proceed to open universe gameplay, a good array of customization possibilities, an enchanting story featuring a desirable expel of characters, and copiousness of heated action. Sadly, quarrel tends to turn a bit seared after a while in singular player, as good apparatus and skills concede players to usually crush their proceed by a hordes of Oni infesting a land. Toukiden 2 is, though a doubt, a peculiarity pretension and a best entrance in a series, though with other new games delivering improved open universe pattern and quarrel it competence be formidable for some to be preoccupied by a Omega Force grown game.

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