Published On: Wed, Jan 25th, 2017

Toukiden 2 Launching in March; New Trailer Shows off Demon Hand Gameplay

Slayers, are we ready? Koei Tecmo announced currently a recover date for a demon-hunting action-RPG, Toukiden 2. Join a new organisation of Slayers as they urge humankind from infamous Oni aggressive a city of Yokohama.

Part of a fight this time around is a inclusion of a Demon Hand, a bizarre device that creates a ‘physical manifestations’ of a Slayers’ thoughts. As we can see in a trailer, a approach a Demon Hand translates into gameplay is it lets emanate a hulk palm to squeeze and chuck enemies. The Demon Hand can even be used as a grappling offshoot to entrance untouched areas.

If you’re not informed with a Toukiden series, Koei Tecmo gave us some credentials for Toukiden 2 around press release:

During an eventuality famous as a Awakening, when Oni scorched a universe and left it in ruins, a organisation of Slayers – defenders of humankind – set out to urge a city of Yokohama and expostulate behind an aggressive force of Oni. In a midst of their extreme battle, a hulk demon emerged, and non-stop a portal that swallowed a sole Slayer. Ten years later, and with no memory of a past, that Slayer awakens in Mahoroba Village. Toukiden 2 puts players into a boots of this puzzling Slayer, who is accompanied by a singular expel of constrained characters: Hakase, a highbrow penetrating to learn a law of a world, Tokitsugu, a Machina flushed with a tellurian soul, Gwen, a immature British Slayer and master of sword and shield, Benizuki, a amicable associate deliberate to be a strongest Slayer in town, and Homura, an ex-thief incited Slayer who wields a sequence whip.

Koei Tecmo announced a lapse of a Machina, small robotic companions that move behind singular crafting components from a Otherworld. These components can be used to emanate improved apparatus during a blacksmith. As we ascent these small drudge friends, a peculiarity of materials they move behind will also drastically improve.

Toukiden 2 will be accessible Mar 21 in North America on PC, Playstation 4, and Vita. European players will get to play on Mar 24. Pre-ordering a diversion from Amazon, Best Buy, EB or Gamestop will concede players to get a Tenko Costume.

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