Published On: Fri, Feb 12th, 2021

Top 100 subscription apps grew 34% to $13B in 2020, share of sum spend remained a same

Apps saw record downloads and consumer spending in 2020, globally reaching somewhere around $111 billion to $112 billion, according to several estimates. But a flourishing partial of that spend was subscription payments, a new news from Sensor Tower indicates. Last year, tellurian subscription app income from a tip 100 subscription apps (excluding games), climbed 34% year-over-year to $13 billion, adult from $9.7 billion in 2019.

The App Store, not surprisingly, accounted for a large cube of this subscription revenue, given it has historically outpaced a Play Store on consumer spending. In 2020, a tip 100 subscription apps worldwide generated $10.3 billion on a App Store, adult 32% over 2019, compared with $2.7 billion on Google Play, that grew 42% from $1.9 billion in 2019.

Image Credits: Sensor Tower

There are some signs that subscription income expansion might be attack a peak. Some of a slack and differently prosaic expansion can be attributed to incomparable apps, like Netflix and Tinder, that have found ways to workaround a app stores’ in-app purchases requirements.

Globally, subscription app income from a tip 100 apps was around 11.7% of a sum ~$111 billion consumers spent on in-app purchases in 2020 — that is roughly a same share it saw in 2019.

And in a fourth entertain of 2020, 86 of a tip 100 earning apps worldwide offering subscriptions, that was down from a 89 that did so in a fourth entertain of 2019.

In addition, subscription app income expansion in a U.S. is now trailing a tellurian trends.

Although subscription app income was still adult 26% on a year-over-year basement to strech scarcely $5.9 billion in 2020, that was slower expansion than a 34% seen worldwide.

Image Credits: Sensor Tower

What’s more, subscription app spending in a U.S. final year represented a smaller commission of a sum consumer spend than in 2019, a news found. In 2020, subscription payments from a tip 100 subscription apps were 17.6% of a $33 billion U.S. consumers spent on in-app purchases, down from a 21% share they accounted for in 2019.

And out of a 100 tip grossing apps in a U.S. in a fourth entertain 2020, 91 were subscription-based, down from 93 in a year-ago quarter.

The tip subscription apps in a U.S. looked opposite between a App Store and Google Play. On a former, YouTube was a tip grosser in this category, while Google Pay users spent on Google One (Google’s cloud storage product). Tinder, meanwhile, was No. 2 on a App Store, while Disney+ took a second mark on Google Play.

Image Credits: Sensor Tower

Overall, a tip 10 opposite both stores were YouTube, Disney+, Tinder, Pandora, Google One, Twitch, Bumble, HBO Max, Hulu and ESPN. These tip earners prove that consumers are peaceful to compensate for their party — like streaming services — on subscription, though it’s some-more formidable for other categories to mangle into a tip charts. Dating apps. however, sojourn an exception.

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