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Top 10 Hidden Features in iOS 11 You Should Try Right Away

Here is a list of a tip 10 dim facilities in iOS 11 that everybody should know about. Some of these facilities are intensely handy.

iOS 11 is Feature-Packed, But These Hidden Features Take a Cake in a Lot of Ways.

There are certain low-key facilities in iOS 11 that didn’t get a limelight they unequivocally should have. But today, we’ll prominence a best dim facilities of iOS 11 and hopefully adult your iOS diversion by a outrageous margin.

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A Dedicated Screenshot Editor.

Believe it or not, we can revise screenshots in iOS 11 right after holding them all by a dedicated modifying page. As shortly as we take a screenshot (Home + Power) we will see a small preview of a screenshot on a bottom left of a display. Tap on a preview and you’ll dive true into a editor. Go crazy with this feature.

Background App Refresh on WiFi Only.

I know, we know, we already know about this. But if we navigate to Settings General Background App Refresh Background App Refresh, you’ll see a integrate of new options. This includes WiFi and WiFi Cellular. You now have a finish choice to capacitate Background App Refresh on a WiFi network only, or go forward with mobile too if we so like.

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Scan Documents Using Notes App.

So we bought that $1.99 app to indicate and store your documents? iOS 11 does that natively right from a Notes app. Just emanate a new note, daub on a ‘+’ pointer during a bottom afterwards name Scan Documents. The camera will launch, only aim it towards a request and snap a photo. It’s as elementary as that.

Customizable Control Center.

The Control Center is a large upgrade, though it gets improved when we comprehend that we can supplement or mislay toggle switches from it on a fly. Just conduct over to Settings Control Center Customize Controls.

Offload Unused Apps to Save Storage.

We all have apps that we don’t use and nonetheless we don’t undo them only for a consequence of it. In sequence to save storage space, iOS 11 comes with a new underline called Offload Unused Apps. Whenever iOS detects that we are not regulating a sold app during all, it’ll undo it when we are regulating low on storage. But that’s not all, iOS will save your papers and information in a protected and secure plcae too. You can entrance this underline by going to Settings General iPhone Storage Offload Unused Apps.

Dark Mode.

Apple didn’t speak about this on theatre though we have on several opposite occasions. Navigate to Settings General Accessibility Display Accommodations Invert Colors and capacitate a Smart Invert feature. Every component on a arrangement will go dim solely for a icons. How cold is that?

Type to Siri.

While Siri is good and all, though it’s a small ungainly to speak to a partner in certain occasions. For that, Apple has baked in a new Type to Siri feature. Once enabled, we can only form whatever we wish to Siri rather than regulating your voice. To capacitate this feature, only conduct over to Settings General Accessibility Siri and capacitate a Type to Siri toggle switch.


A once distinguished underline in all iOS inclination is now dim divided from view. Mainly since Apple wants it enabled it during all times in sequence to safeguard limit battery life on your device. Navigate to Settings General Accessibility Display Accommodations and you’ll see a Auto-Brightness switch chilling here.

Share WiFi Password with Devices Nearby.

If we have a crony over, and they too occur to have iOS 11 commissioned and try to bond to your WiFi network, we don’t have to tell them your password. If we and your iOS 11 device are circuitously to them, you’ll get a pop-up seeking we either or not we wish to share your WiFi password. Just daub Send Password and you’re done. Just keep one thing in mind, make certain Bluetooth and WiFi radios are enabled on both devices, differently this underline only won’t work.

One-Handed Keyboard.

Can’t form on a iPhone Plus with one hand? Bring adult a keyboard, daub and reason on a creation idol subsequent to a spacebar, and you’ll get 3 new keyboard options during a bottom. Select a one on a left or a right in sequence to burst into one-handed keyboard mode. This underline works on each iPhone model, in box you’re wondering.

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