Published On: Wed, Jul 12th, 2017

Tom Holland Feels Very Passionate About The Uncharted Movie, Though It’s Not A Done Deal Yet

In late May, Deadline reported that Tom Holland would star in a arriving Uncharted movie. This would be a prequel of sorts, with Tom Holland starring as a immature Nathan Drake.

Speaking with in a video speak forward of Spider-Man Homecoming’s melodramatic debut, a actor especially famous for portraying Spider-Man in a latest cinematic reboot suggested to be unequivocally ardent about this project; that said, he also simplified that it’s still only a review rather than a finished deal.

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The thought is to make an start story for Nathan Drake, something we haven’t unequivocally seen given a games take place after in his life, yet during a impulse this is only a conversation. we sat down with Tom Rothman and we arrange of came adult with this idea, and we sat down with Shawn Levy to speak about this idea, and trust me, this is something I’m unequivocally ardent about, that we would adore to do, yet it only depends if it’s going to work out.

The Uncharted film plan had a uneasy growth phase, to contend a least. Originally, David O’Russell was picked to approach a film with Mark Wahlberg, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci all featured in a cast. All of these left early, though, and Neil Berger was hired to reinstate O’Russell, yet fast forsaken out of a project, too.

Meanwhile, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were asked by Sony to write a screenplay yet declined given they felt it would fundamentally be too identical to Indiana Jones. Seth Gordon was afterwards hired to approach a Uncharted film formed on a screenplay by David Guggenheim, yet this bid also unsuccessful as Gordon left due to “creative differences”.

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The latest chronicle of a Uncharted film plan is formed on a screenplay created by Joe Carnahan (The Grey, Stretch, X-Force), who finished a book progressing this year, while a film will be destined by Shawn Levy (Executive Producer of Stranger Things).

Would we like to see Tom Holland as a immature Nathan Drake? Let us know below.

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