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Tokyo Xanadu Review – Nihon Falcom Meets Modern Day

Nihon Falcom is a name prolonged compared with some of a best anticipation JRPG’s of a past thirty years, many famously a Ys series. Even as their genres barter between turn-based fight and real-time action, they still concentration on worlds where sorcery (and spasmodic technology) exist in peace with humanity. Despite their prolonged durability pedigree, Falcom hasn’t explored a complicated settings as many as their contemporaries. The newly expelled Tokyo Xanadu for PlayStation Vita takes players to a modern-day mock-up of Tokyo, where cave phones and swords go hand-in-hand.

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Mysterious dungeons have been popping adult opposite a illusory city of Morimiya and when they start inspiring a ubiquitous public, that’s never a good thing. Save for a tip multitude of gatekeepers that work behind a scenes, many don’t even know of their existence, nor can they even see a portals springing adult around town. As a unchanging tyro named Kou Tokisaka, he’s thrown directly into a brew when his friends start being abducted around a city. As Tokyo Xanadu goes on, players will see Kou renovate from an normal high propagandize tyro with a gusto for holding on a occasional part-time job, to apropos one of Morimiya City’s essential defenders opposite this unfamiliar blight.

Tokyo Xanadu takes that graphic realism of a Trails of Cold Steel origin and trades turn-based fight for something that maestro Falcom fans are certain to appreciate. The fight is now tangible as being formed on a new Ys titles, that shouldn’t warn anyone given a growth team’s extraction carrying worked on both projects. Of a countless dungeons that open adult around Morimiya City, clearing out a immorality denizens is Kou’s concentration and there’s small in terms of oppressive puzzles to confuse him from a combat. Usually, there’s a occasional switch to open adult a new colonnade or platforming puzzles that make use of a team’s aerial attacks to overpass a gap.

The fast-paced penetrate and condense movement of Ys still flows usually as good with a change into some-more 3D gameplay. While dungeons are typically explored with three-person teams, there’s usually one actively participating in fight during a given time. Swapping between a other teammates is usually a symbol press away. Elements and indemnification forms are something to consistently juggle with and Tokyo Xanadu is utterly pure with display a actor what to expect, as there’s a discerning rivalry news before each cave that mentions what arrange of rivalry foes reside within. Kou and his group can conflict with a accumulation of melee, charged attacks, aerial juggles, and even ranged spells that all work from a same arrange of stamina scale (not carrying to worry about MP is always a good thing).

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Unlike a Ys series, a actor will have many of a collection during their ordering unbarred from a really beginning. Save for a special attacks and a special powerup mode famous as X-Drive, many all else is The Arts and Quartz systems from Trails of Cold Steel still are benefaction in Tokyo Xanadu, however, these elementary yield statistic and protracted abilities, rather than providing new spells and attacks.

Having been built on a organisation substructure of a Trails of Cold Steel series, there’s so many that Tokyo Xanadu shares with a predecessors. If we were to put screenshots of a dual side by side, I’d be tough pulpy to figure out that one was Tokyo Xanadu, if it weren’t for a relating uniforms of Thors Military Academy. Even fan favorite tyro Towa creates a guest coming in Xanadu, nonetheless a story claims that a dual twins aren’t associated in any way.

However, a settings of a dual franchises couldn’t be some-more different. As one of a few Nihon Falcom titles to bashful divided from a anticipation setting, Tokyo Xanadu instead takes place in a illusory illustration of genuine universe Tokyo, famous as Morimiya City. There’s a bit of impulse with a new Persona titles, such as attribute building and giveaway time government to juggle that classmates we spend time with. It’s not as critical as Persona 5’s strident micromanagement of time, though it’s another square from Trails of Cold Steel that fits in good with a complicated propagandize setting.

Knowing that an extended chronicle of Tokyo Xanadu (eX+) is on a horizon, gamers competence find themselves conflicted to collect adult a Playstation Vita release. As a longtime believer of Falcom’s works, we privately demeanour brazen to carrying a pleasure to saying both titles by to a end. Those that competence differently have to collect and select that chronicle of Tokyo Xanadu to enjoy, it simply comes down to a choice between portability and carrying a knowledge now during a summer games drought, or carrying a finish knowledge on a PlayStation 4 and PC after this year.

No matter either you’re wanting to play Tokyo Xanadu now or a finish eX+ knowledge in a few months, there’s a surprisingly good movement RPG watchful usually for you. The PlayStation Vita competence be solemnly on a approach out, though titles like Tokyo Xanadu can still secure a station as a JRPG powerhouse.

Reviewed on PS Vita (code supposing by a publisher). You can buy a diversion around Amazon.

Trading spell books for cave phones, Nihon Falcom proves once again that they are masters of a movement JRPG subgenre.

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