Published On: Sun, Jun 20th, 2021

Todd and Rahul’s Angel Fund closes new $24 million fund

After creation investments in 57 startups together, Superhuman CEO Rahul Vohra and Eventjoy owner Todd Goldberg are behind during it with a new $24 million account and large ambitions amid a try collateral rebirth with fast-moving deals aplenty.

“Todd and Rahul’s Angel Fund” announced their initial $7.3 million account only weeks before a pestilence strike stateside final year and they were shortly left with some-more entrance to deals than they had appropriation to support; they went on to lift $3.5 million in a rolling account designed around creation investments in later-stage deals over seed and Series A rounds.

“We sealed right before COVID strike and we had one plan, though afterwards all accelerated,” Goldberg tells TechCrunch. “A lot of a companies started lifting additional rounds.”

With their latest raise, Vohra and Goldberg are looking to contend their far-reaching opinion with a singular fund, observant they devise to deposit three-quarters of a account in early-stage deals while saving a entertain of a $24 million for later-stage opportunities. Still, a twin know they expected could’ve selected to lift more.

“A lot of a peers were scaling adult into many incomparable funds,” Vohra says. “For us, we wanted to stay tiny and collaborative.”

Some of a firm’s investments from their initial account embody NBA Top Shot creator Dapper Labs, open source Firebase choice Supabase, D2C wine code Haus, choice item height Alt, biowearable builder Levels and plcae analytics startup Placer. Their biggest strike was an early investment in audio discuss app Clubhouse before Andreessen Horowitz led a buzzy seed turn during a $100 million valuation. Clubhouse many recently lifted during $4 billion.

Superhuman and Eventjoy founders announce $7 million angel fund

The span contend they’ve schooled a ton by a past year of navigating increasingly rival rounds and that fighting for those deals has helped a twin file how they marketplace themselves to founders.

“You never wish to be a pacifist check,” Goldberg says. “We do 3 things: we assistance companies find product/market fit, we assistance them super-charge distribution… and we assistance them find a best investors.”

A large partial of a firm’s interest to founders has been a “operator” standing of a founders. Goldberg’s startup Eventjoy was acquired by Ticketmaster and Vohra’s Rapportive was bought by LinkedIn while his stream startup Superhuman has confirmed hum for a reward email use and has lifted $33 million from investors, including Andreessen Horowitz and First Round Capital.

Their new account has an surprising LP bottom that’s done adult of some-more than 110 entrepreneurs and investors, including 40 founders that Vohra and Goldberg have formerly corroborated themselves. Backers of their second account embody Plaid’s William Hockey, Behance’s Scott Belsky, Haus’s Helena Price Hambrecht, Lattice’s Jack Altman and Loom’s Shahed Khan.

Superhuman CEO Rahul Vohra is entrance to TechCrunch Early Stage in July

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