Published On: Wed, Oct 4th, 2017

Tinder taps comedian Whitney Cummings to launch ‘Reactions’

Following in a footsteps of Facebook and iMessage, Tinder has currently introduced Reactions, vouchsafing Tinder users send any other tradition charcterised responses.

These reactions embody Hearts, Eye Roll, Round of Applause, Martini Throw, etc. This creates it even easier for Tinder users to accidentally use a app though indeed carrying to work during a conversation.

In Jan of final year, Tinder introduced Giphy support and bigger emojis. Reactions seem like a healthy prolongation of that, creation a already featherweight Tinder knowledge even some-more infrequent and simplified.

But it seems that Reactions are partial of a incomparable beginning during Tinder, that is meant to give women all a collection they need to understanding with douchebags.

Actress and comedian Whitney Cummings is assisting Tinder launch Reactions in a video array called “The Menprovement Initiative,” destined by J.J. Adler.

The video shows genuine womanlike employees during Tinder interacting with Whitney Cummings to urge men. That said, Tinder doesn’t have a argent story of lenient women, generally a possess womanlike employees.

Tinder offers transparent village discipline about bad behavior, and gives users collection to both news antagonistic actors and appropriate left after relating to fast shun an neglected conversation. That said, branding Reactions as a approach for women to understanding with douchebags seems a bit lackluster.

Responding with striking martini greeting won’t do most to stop neglected messaging from entrance your way, and in fact competence even inspire a man to send more. Because these reactions are cute, and feel flirty. It’s like Tinder combined a approach for users to blink during cat callers on a digital street.

Tinder Reactions competence make review easier between Tinder parties, though it doesn’t seem to fit in good with a supposed Menprovement Initiative.

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