Published On: Thu, Jul 8th, 2021

TikTok wants we to send video resumes directly to brands to land your subsequent gig

A new commander module from TikTok would inject a small LinkedIn into a childish video-based amicable network.

TikTok announced that, starting today, it will entice users to contention video resumes to participating companies, including Target, Chipotle, Shopify, Meredith, NASCAR and a WWE. The association encourages field to uncover off their skills in a artistic approach while tagging a calm with a hashtag #TikTokResumes.

The commander module is TikTok’s latest bid to streamline a attribute between brands and creators, giving both even some-more reason to deposit time and money into a platform.

“#CareerTok is already a abounding subculture on a height and we can’t wait to see how a village embraces TikTok Resumes and helps to reimagine recruiting and pursuit discovery,” TikTok Global Head of Marketing Nick Tran pronounced of a pilot.

TikTok resumes representation page

The new commander module will be discoverable by a dedicated hashtag and on standalone site, that also has some tips for requesting and representation videos. On that site, anyone can crop pursuit listings by employer and fill out a brief questionnaire, attaching their video link. And yes, for improved or worse, indicating intensity employers to your LinkedIn form is still encouraged.

TikTok views a new commander as a “natural extension” of a college envoy program, that recruits students to offer as on-campus member compelling a amicable network’s brand. The commander module will accept TikTok resumes by Jul 31.

Of a participating brands listed on a new site, many openings are only for unchanging ol’ jobs, like NASCAR seeking a sales repute and Target sport for hourly room workers to cover a night shift. (Should we unequivocally be enlivening impoverished people to burst by some-more hoops to land gigs like this?)

Some listings are some-more tailored to a TikTok ability set, like an opening during All Recipes for on-camera talent to learn viewers how to make feathery biscuits or a supervising amicable writer purpose during Popsugar.

The normal resume hasn’t altered most over a years — list a things we did, keep it on one page — though any code employing a amicable media manager or any other kind of calm creator could be good served by TikTok’s latest creator economy experiment.

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