Published On: Fri, Nov 6th, 2020

TikTok takes down some hashtags associated to choosing misinformation, leaves others

As amicable media platforms onslaught to get U.S. choosing misinformation underneath control with varying degrees of success, TikTok has taken new actions to stop people from acid and browsing name hashtags compared with misinformation and conspiracies compared to a U.S. choosing results.

The video app has redirected some hashtags — including #RiggedElection, #SharpieGate and others — where users have been edition choosing misinformation. And it has taken down several videos creation claims of “election fraud.”

TikTok takes down choosing misinformation directed during younger users

However, formed on a scans of a app and other election-related hashtags today, it’s transparent that it’s still an ascending conflict for TikTok in terms of removing a hoop on violating content.

Because of TikTok’s distance and scale, even smaller videos from opposite publishers can shelve adult thousands of views before they disappear.

Media Matters, for example, reported yesterday it was means to brand 11 examples of choosing misinformation swelling opposite TikTok, with some-more than 200,000 total views. The videos common conspiracies that ranged from ungrounded “magic ballot” narratives to a totally wrong allegations that Arizona check workers handed out markers to Trump electorate so their votes wouldn’t count.

Image Credits: TikTok screenshot around Media Matters

TikTok says all a videos Media Matters reported have given been private solely one where a user done a beforehand stipulation of victory. That one was shadowbanned — definition a discoverability on a height was reduced. It also has a ensign indicating to lawful information about a choosing results.

These particular takedowns are a dump in a bucket compared to a series of videos that are still out there creation claims of choosing fraud. And, so far, TikTok has usually private a tiny series of hashtags on this subject.

Image Credits: TikTok screenshot around TechCrunch

TikTok reliable it has private calm and redirected searches for a hashtag #RiggedElection as of yesterday. Now, when we try to find videos flagged with this tenure in a app, you’ll get to a vacant page with a presentation that says a hunt tenure “may be compared with function or calm that violates a guidelines.” The page also provides a couple to TikTok’s Community Guidelines.

“Promoting a protected and certain knowledge is TikTok’s tip priority,” a summary reads.

This is a same playbook that TikTok recently used to residence a widespread of QAnon-related calm on a platform. By redirecting searches and hashtags, it creates misinformation harder to find.

TikTok’s QAnon anathema has been ‘buggy’

While TikTok declined to share an downright list of hashtags it has taken movement on during a elections, we found a few hashtags that returned possibly no formula — like #RiggedElection and #SharpieGate — as good as those that returned usually a tiny handful videos, or what TikTok considers “counter speech.”

The TikTok village will mostly emanate videos with opposite debate or other calm compared to a misinformation-related hashtag. In these videos, they’ll yield significant information or will brawl a claims being done in another video. TikTok says this arrange of opposite debate doesn’t violate a policies. That’s because we might see videos listed underneath hashtags that would differently be compared with misinformation, as opposite to saying a hashtag wholly silenced.

We also found some lesser-used hashtags like #RepealtheSteal and #VeritasArmy, that have been seen on Twitter, were not display on TikTok during all. (However, on reaching out to TikTok, a association chose to route these hashtags, too.)

A renouned misinfo hashtag, #StoptheSteal, was also not available, though a variation, #StoptheStealing, had 7 videos.

Many other hashtags were being used, too, as of a time of writing, including #VoterFraud (and a misspelling #VoterFruad), #DemsCheat, #CorruptElection, #ElectionCorruption, #StoptheStealing, #ElectionFraud (and misspelling #ElectionFruad), #CrookedJoeBiden, #CrookedDems, #Fraud (and a misspelling #Fruad), #Rigged, #Rigged2020, #MailinBallots, #CoupdEtat, #ElectionMeddling, #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica and #BallotHarvesting, to name a few.

While some hashtags had small content, many were filled with videos that weren’t only expressing their domestic views — they were creation claims of choosing fraud. Combined, these hashtags have tens of millions of views, or even more.

Image Credits: TikTok screenshot, video republished formerly private content; screenshot around TechCrunch

For example, when we searched for a hashtag #VoterFraud (20.9 million views), we initial encountered videos posted in a months heading adult to Election Day that were responding to a Republican-driven claims of voter rascal compared with mail-in ballots.

But many videos underneath this hashtag have been published by Trump supporters this week, and are videos where a supporters are directly encountering a choosing results.

Close US choosing formula thrust amicable media into calamity misinformation scenario

Among a videos we found were those reposting videos TikTok had already taken down. These enclosed videos featuring Trump supporters’ protests opposite or for a counting of ballots in several states, job them explanation of choosing fraud.

In other videos, users opine about how Trump’s lawsuits will infer rascal took place and win him re-election. They infrequently use screenshots of website opinion tallies as their “proof.”

Image Credits: TikTok app screenshot around TechCrunch

We also saw videos regulating calm labels surmount their video footage. The calm was used to make their claims of choosing fraud, while a video itself might have them articulate in some-more totalled terms about their beating with a choosing results. (It’s misleading if this is a viable workaround to avoiding order enforcement, however.)

TikTok says a list of blocked hashtags ceaselessly grows as new terms and phrases emerge and it’s means to establish how a terms are being used on a platform. It also pronounced it retard some-more choosing misinformation hashtags in a hours, days and weeks to come.

To be clear, TikTok’s preference to keep this arrange of calm online doesn’t make it most opposite from other amicable networks.

During choosing season, Facebook and Twitter have taken to labeling choosing misinformation from high-profile accounts (like Trump’s). Facebook even ran in-app notifications to surprise users that votes are still being counted. But both platforms currently still simply concede users to click by on a far-reaching operation of hashtags that foster this thought of choosing rascal or fraudulent results.

Facebook and Instagram notifications advise US users there’s no leader nonetheless in presidential election

TikTok might not most be doing most better, overall, in addressing a large volume of calm compelling choosing misinformation on a video network. But TikTok’s anathema of tip choosing misinformation hashtags works differently from hashtag bans on other amicable networks.

Once TikTok has done a preference to anathema a tenure like “SharpieGate,” for example, a calm won’t be flush either we use a hashtag pitch (#) itself or not. Facebook, on a other hand, might anathema a hashtag specifically, though not a tenure entirely. That means we can still find calm about SharpieGate on a height — even if it’s mostly posts and videos from news organizations.

Facebook blocks hashtags for #sharpiegate, #stopthesteal choosing conspiracies

#SharpieGate was also among a hashtags Facebook began restraint currently compared to choosing misinformation. It also blocked #StoptheSteal and a compared group.

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