Published On: Tue, Aug 4th, 2020

TikTok says it’s ‘not formulation on going anywhere’ in response to tentative US ban

TikTok’s U.S. General Manager Vanessa Pappas has posted a video summary to a height that appears to be a response to reports from Friday that President Trump is operative on an effective “ban” of a app in a U.S., a devise he common with reporters from a White House pool on house Air Force One. Whether or not he’s even means to do this stays an open question, though in a meantime TikTok seems penetrating to encourage U.S. users it doesn’t intend to change a operational skeleton in response to this vague, though potentially existential threat.

The summary from Pappas was pushed out to all U.S.-based users on TikTok as a notification, and appears on their learn page, creation it transparent they wish this seen by a whole community. It starts by thanking users on a platform, and highlights some of a U.S.-based contributions, namely a jobs it has combined to date and committed to formulating in a future, and a account it has set adult to support creators in a U.S. and globally.

Pappas ends by reporting that TikTok is “here for a prolonged run,” and job for village support to “stand for TikTok.”

Trump’s avowal that he skeleton to pointer an sequence as early as Saturday to bar U.S. entrance to a app followed reports that Microsoft is in talks with a company’s China-based owners ByteDance to potentially acquire a U.S. business. Trump seemed to bonus any support for that probability in his comments to a White House press pool, though a new news from Saturday morning pronounced that Microsoft is indeed in talks to acquire a interest in TikTok and take over stewardship of a U.S. user’s data, as partial of a intensity understanding to wand off any ban.

Again, it’s not transparent what executive powers would indeed concede Trump to put in place a U.S.-wide anathema of a application, though it looks like ByteDance is operative with parties in a U.S. on a understanding that assumes he’d be means to do so unless a Chinese association divests wholly a U.S.-based TikTok operations to an American owner.

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