Published On: Mon, May 11th, 2020

Thunder Force AC Is Hitting The Nintendo Switch eShop This Week

Update: Sega has reliable that Thunder Force AC will launch this week (14th May) in Japan, costing 999 yen. There’s no word on when a western recover is going to take a place – they customarily follow shortly thereafter – though we can always use a beam on how to squeeze games from Japan if we can’t wait.

Original Story [Thu 16th Apr, 2020 09:30 BST]: Sega has announced that Thunder Force AC will be entrance to a Switch as partial of a Sega Ages operation soon, and will cost 999 yen in Japan.

Based on a Mega Drive / Genesis pretension Thunder Force III, Thunder Force AC was expelled in arcades around a same time and was ported to a SNES in a form of Thunder Spirits – that sadly wasn’t most good.

As was a box with Thunder Force IV, a Kids mode is enclosed that not usually grants we aloft conflict energy though also prevents we from losing all of your weapons on death. Online leaderboards will also make a cut, and you’ll be given one for any of a 4 playable ships in a game: Fire Leo-03 Styx, Fire Leo-03MP Styx Mass Product, Fire Leo-04 Rynex (from Thunder Force IV) and Fire Leo-o4 Rynex (equipped with Thunder Sword).

Naturally, a pier will advantage from a common Sega Ages features, such as a ability to save your position in a game, record replays of your opening and also watch footage of modernized players. The strange arcade diversion had mono sound, though this has been upgraded to stereo in this version, and HD Rumble has been added, too. A operation of shade filters are benefaction so we can obtain that true CRT-style demeanour if we so desire.

If you’d like to know some-more about this array of shooters, afterwards be certain to check out a Thunder Force story feature.

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