Published On: Wed, Nov 1st, 2017

Thoughts on a #techhearings from my time in Product Safety during Twitter

Leslie Miley is a Silicon Valley local who has hold engineering care roles during Slack, Twitter, Apple and Google. Featured in USA Today, TechCrunch Disrupt, Wired’s 2017 Next List, Miley now advises several startups founded by women and minorities and is an financier in a account dedicated to opposite entrepreneurs.

I total a Product Safety and Security Team during Twitter. At opposite points in time we was obliged for a engineering of collection to lessen abuse, compromised accounts and a login infrastructure, adult to, and including, 2 cause authentication and cue reset.

I saw initial palm a beginnings of a forms of actions that are now being discussed in a US Senate during a #TechHearings.

The temperate response by comparison supervision to a millions of accounts total by bad actors and how they were regulating a height detected in a research, is one of a reasons these hearings are function today. It was a growth-at-all-cost genius that blinded many during Twitter to how a height was being weaponized by a alt-right and, as we are anticipating out, by Russia as well. This expansion during all cost was a source of disappointment for many of us operative in Product Safety

The amicable media platforms we use bland have now turn a promotion battlegrounds of a 21st century. The trust we have put in what a ‘friends’ post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is conversion a domestic views, a amicable views, a views on competition and gender, and a views on right and wrong. And this change has been manipulated with harmful effect, not only by a platforms for profit, though by those that would order us and array us opposite any other.

It is a fact that unfamiliar governments used amicable media to change a moods, emotions and preference creation of millions of Americans. It is also a fact that a expansion and distinction during all cost genius that was pulling Twitter in 2015 and Facebook in 2013 left a doorway open for this manipulation. A doorway they refused to acknowledge many reduction close.

Tech companies have been stealing behind a observant “we are only a platform” to brush off any responsibility. And nonetheless many of those same people will rebuke how Fox News is zero though propaganda. The fact is, Twitter and Facebook strech some-more people on a daily basement than Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and a NYT combined. Yet they have shirked this shortcoming and in outcome have been a many effective approach to disseminate promotion in a 21st century.

Billions of dollars of resources have been total since of these platforms. And a democracy might have been irreparably shop-worn in vast partial by these really same platforms. we don’t have a list of solutions to this. However we do know that if facebook/Twitter put a same importance on rebellious this as they have on optimizing their ad portion platforms, we would have seen some-more progress.

I tweeted recently:

It should worry all of us that platforms with this many change have, adult to this point, taken roughly no effective stairs to lessen this form influence.

And while we am not pulling for supervision intervention, we do ask a member to pull for petrify metrics to lane a swell all a tech companies are earnest to make. Metrics that are frequently published and counterpart reviewed. Metrics that are tangible and jointly concluded upon. With polite and financial penalties for non-compliance. This would be a good start.

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