Published On: Sun, Feb 23rd, 2020

Thomas Kurian on his initial year as Google Cloud CEO


That was Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian’s elementary answer when we asked if he suspicion he’d achieved what he set out to do in his initial year.

A year ago, he took a helm of Google’s cloud operations — that includes G Suite — and set about giving a classification a sensory concentration by expanding on a plan his prototype Diane Greene initial set during her tenure.

It’s no tip that Kurian, with his credentials during Oracle, immediately put a whole Google Cloud operation on a march to concentration on craving customers, with an importance on a series of pivotal verticals.

So it’s no surprise, then, that a initial prominence Kurian cited is that Google Cloud stretched a underline lineup with critical capabilities that were formerly missing. “When we demeanour during what we’ve finished this final year, initial is sappy a products,” he said. “We’ve non-stop adult many markets for a products since we’ve grown a core capabilities in a product. We’ve combined things like correspondence requirements. We’ve combined support for many craving things like SAP and VMware and Oracle and a series of craving solutions.” Thanks to this, he stressed, researcher firms like Gartner and Forrester now arrange Google Cloud “neck-and-neck with a other dual players that everybody compares us to.”

If Google Cloud’s prior record done anything clear, though, it’s that technical expertise and good facilities aren’t enough. One of a initial actions Kurian took was to enhance a company’s sales group to resemble an classification that looked a bit some-more like that of a normal craving company. “We were means to specialize a sales teams by attention — combined talent into a sales classification and scaled adult a sales force very, really significantly — and we consider you’re starting to see those results. Not usually did we boost a series of people, though a capability softened as good as a sales organization, so all of that was good.”

He also cited Google’s partner business as a reason for a altogether growth. Partner change income increasing by about 200% in 2019, and a partners brought in 13 times some-more new business in 2019 when compared to a prior year.

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