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This Week in Apps: In-app events hit the App Store, TikTok tries Stories, Apple reveals new child safety plan | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Sun, Aug 8th, 2021

This Week in Apps: In-app events strike a App Store, TikTok tries Stories, Apple reveals new child reserve plan

Welcome behind to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps a latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and a altogether app economy.

The app attention continues to grow, with a record 218 billion downloads and $143 billion in tellurian consumer spend in 2020. Consumers final year also spent 3.5 trillion mins regulating apps on Android inclination alone. And in a U.S., app use surged forward of a time spent examination live TV. Currently, a normal American watches 3.7 hours of live TV per day, though now spends 4 hours per day on their mobile devices.

Apps aren’t usually a approach to pass idle hours — they’re also a large business. In 2019, mobile-first companies had a combined $544 billion valuation, 6.5x aloft than those though a mobile focus. In 2020, investors poured $73 billion in collateral into mobile companies — a figure that’s adult 27% year-over-year.

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Apple to indicate for CSAM imagery

Apple announced a vital beginning to indicate inclination for CSAM imagery. The association on Thursday announced a new set of features, nearing after this year, that will detect child passionate abuse element (CSAM) in a cloud and news it to law enforcement. Companies like Dropbox, Google and Microsoft already indicate for CSAM in their cloud services, though Apple had authorised users to encrypt their information before it reached iCloud. Now, Apple’s new technology, NeuralHash, will run on users’ devices, tatformso detect when a users upload famous CSAM imagery — though carrying to initial decrypt a images. It even can detect a imagery if it’s been cropped or edited in an try to equivocate detection.

Apple confirms it will start scanning iCloud Photos for child abuse images

Meanwhile, on iPhone and iPad, a association will hurl out protections to Messages app users that will filter images and warning children and relatives if intimately pithy photos are sent to or from a child’s account. Children will not be shown a images though will instead see a grayed-out picture instead. If they try to perspective a picture anyway by a link, they’ll be shown interruptive screens that explain since a element might be damaging and are warned that their relatives will be notified.

New Apple record will advise relatives and children about intimately pithy photos in Messages

Some remoteness advocates pushed behind during a thought of such a system, desiring it could enhance to end-to-end encrypted photos, lead to fake positives, or set a theatre for some-more on-device supervision notice in a future. But many cryptology experts trust a complement Apple grown provides a good change between remoteness and utility, and have charity their publicity of a technology. In addition, Apple pronounced reports are manually reviewed before being sent to a National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

The changes might also advantage iOS developers who understanding in user photos and uploads, as predators will no longer store CSAM imagery on iOS inclination in a initial place, given a new risk of detection.

In-App Events seem on a App Store

Image Credits: Apple

Though not nonetheless publicly permitted to all users, those contrast a new iOS 15 mobile handling complement got their initial glance of a new App Store find underline this week: “in-app events.” First announced during this year’s WWDC, a underline will concede developers and Apple editors comparison to showcase directly on a App Store arriving events holding place inside apps.

The events can seem on a App Store homepage, on a app’s product pages or can be detected by personalized recommendations and search. In some cases, editors will curate events to underline on a App Store. But developers will also be supposing collection to contention their possess in-app events. TikTok’s “Summer Camp” for creators was one of a initial in-app events to be featured, where it perceived a tip mark on a iPadOS 15 App Store.

Platforms: Apple

Apple expands support for tyro IDs on iPhone and Apple Watch forward of a tumble semester. Tens of thousands some-more U.S. and Canadian colleges will now support mobile tyro IDs in a Apple Wallet app, including Auburn University, Northern Arizona University, University of Maine, New Mexico State University and others.

Apple was indicted of compelling fraud apps in a App Store’s featured section. The company’s disaster to scrupulously military a store is one thing, though to curate an editorial list that indeed includes a scams is utterly another. One of a games dull adult underneath “Slime Relaxations,” an already iffy difficulty to contend a least, was a subscription-based muck simulator that sealed users into a $13 AUD per week subscription for a muck simulator. One of a apps on a curated list didn’t even function, implying that Apple’s editors hadn’t even tested a apps they recommend.

Tax changes strike a App Store. Apple announced taxation and cost changes for apps and IAPs in South Africa, a U.K. and all territories regulating a Euro currency, all of that will see decreases. Increases will start in Georgia and Tajikistan, due to new taxation changes. Proceeds on a App Store in Italy will be augmenting to simulate a change to a Digital Services Tax effective rate.

Game Center changes, too. Apple pronounced that on Aug 4, a new certificate for server-based Game Center corroboration will be permitted around a publicKeyUrl.


Robinhood batch jumped some-more than 24% to $46.80 on Tuesday after essentially descending 8% on a initial day of trade final week, after that it had continued to trade subsequent a opening cost of $38.

Square’s Cash app scarcely doubled a sum distinction to $546 million in Q2, though also reported a $45 million spoil detriment on a bitcoin holdings.

Coinbase’s app now lets we buy your cryptocurrency regulating Apple Pay. The association formerly done a Coinbase Card concordant with Apple Pay in June.


Sendit gains 3.5M downloads after Snapchat suspends tip unknown apps YOLO and LMK

An unknown app called Sendit, that relies on Snap Kit to function, is climbing a charts of a U.S. App Store after Snap dangling identical apps, YOLO and LMK. Snap was sued by a primogenitor of child who was bullied by those apps, that led to his suicide. Sendit also allows for anonymity, and reviews review it to YOLO. But some reviews also complained about bullying. This isn’t a initial time Snap has been concerned in a lawsuit associated to a immature person’s genocide associated to a app. The association was also sued for a insane “speed filter” that critics pronounced speedy vulnerable driving. Three immature organisation died regulating a filter, that prisoner them doing 123 mph.

TikTok is contrast Stories. As Twitter’s possess Stories integrations, Fleets, shuts down, TikTok reliable it’s contrast a possess Stories product. The TikTok Stories seem in a left-hand sidebar and concede users to post fleeting images or video that disappear in 24 hours. Users can also criticism on Stories, that are open to their mutual friends and a creator. Stories on TikTok might make some-more clarity than they did on Twitter, as TikTok is already famous as a artistic height and it gives a app a some-more informed place to confederate a effects toolset and, eventually, advertisements.

TikTok confirms commander exam of TikTok Stories is now underway

Facebook has again re-arranged a remoteness settings. The association ceaselessly moves around where a remoteness facilities are located, evidently to make them easier to find. But users afterwards have to re-learn where to go to find a collection they need, after they had finally memorized a location. This time, a settings have been grouped into 6 top-level categories, though “privacy” settings have been unbundled from one plcae to be sparse among a other categories.

A VICE news sum ban-as-a-service operations that concede anyone to harass or bury online creators on Instagram. Assuming we can find it, one operation charged $60 per ban, a inventory says.

TikTok joined personal accounts with creator accounts. The change means now all non-business accounts on TikTok will have entrance to a creator collection underneath Settings, including Analytics, Creator Portal, Promote and QA. TikTok common a news directly with subscribers of a TikTok Creators newsletter in August, and all users will get a pull presentation alerting them to a change, a association told us.

Discord now lets users customize their form on a apps. The association total new facilities to a iOS and Android apps that let we supplement a description, links and emojis and name a form color. Paid subscribers can also select an picture or GIF as their banner.

Twitter Spaces total a co-hosting choice that allows adult to dual co-hosts to be total to a live audio discuss rooms. Now Spaces can have one categorical host, dual co-hosts and adult to 10 speakers. Co-hosts have all a mediation abilities as hosts, though can’t supplement or mislay others as co-hosts.


Tencent reopened new user sign-ups for a WeChat messaging app, after carrying dangling registrations final week for vague “technical upgrades.” The company, like many other Chinese tech giants, had to residence new regulations from Beijing impacting a tech industry. New manners residence how companies hoop user information collection and storage, antitrust function and other checks on entrepreneur “excess.” The gaming attention is now disturbed it’s subsequent to be impacted, with regulations that would shorten gaming for minors to quarrel addiction.

WhatsApp is adding a new underline that will concede users to send photos and videos that disappear after a singular viewing. The Snapchat-inspired feature, however, doesn’t warning we if a other chairman takes a screenshot — as Snap’s app does. So it might not be ideal for pity your many supportive content.

WhatsApp photos and videos can now disappear after a singular viewing

Telegram’s refurbish expands organisation video calls to support adult to 1,000 viewers. It also announced video messages can be permitted in aloft peculiarity and can be expanded, unchanging videos can be watched during 0.5 or 2x speed, shade pity with sound is permitted for all video calls, including 1-on-1 calls, and more.

Streaming Entertainment

American Airlines total giveaway entrance to TikTok aboard a Viasat-equipped aircraft. Passengers will be means to watch a app’s videos for adult to 30 mins for giveaway and can even download a app if it’s not already installed. After a giveaway time, they can opt to compensate for Wi-Fi to keep watching. Considering how easy it is to tumble into multi-hour TikTok observation sessions though meaningful it, a further of a addictive app could make prolonged craft rides feel shorter. Or during slightest reduction painful.

Chinese TikTok opposition Kuaishou saw bonds tumble by some-more than 15% in Hong Kong, a many given a Feb IPO. The association is another plant of an ongoing marketplace selloff triggered by augmenting financier doubt associated to China’s new crackdown on tech companies. Beijing’s debate to rein in tech has also impacted Tencent, Alibaba, Jack Ma’s Ant Group, food smoothness association Meituan and ride-hailing association Didi. Also related, Kuaishou close down a argumentative app Zynn, that had been essential users to watch a short-form videos, including those stolen from other apps.

Twitch overtook YouTube in consumer spending per user in Apr 2021, and now sees $6.20 per download as of Jun compared with YouTube’s $5.60, Sensor Tower found.

Image Credits: Sensor Tower

Spotify reliable tests of a new ad-supported tier called Spotify Plus, that is usually $0.99 per month and offers sum skips (like giveaway users get on a desktop) and a ability to play a songs we want, instead of usually being forced to use trifle mode.

The association also remarkable in a forum posting that it’s no longer operative on AirPlay2 support, due to “audio motorist compatibility” issues.

Mark Cuban-backed audio app Fireside asked a users to deposit in a company around an email sent to creators that didn’t share understanding terms. The app has nonetheless to launch.

YouTube kicks off a $100 million Shorts Fund directed during holding on TikTok by providing creators with money incentives for tip videos. Creators will get bonuses of $100 to $10,000 formed on their videos’ performance.

YouTube’s $100 million Shorts Fund to plea TikTok goes live


Match Group announced during a Q2 gain it skeleton to supplement to several of a company’s brands over a subsequent 12 to 24 months audio and video chat, including organisation live video, and other livestreaming technologies. The developments will be powered by innovations from Hyperconnect, a amicable networking association that this year became Match’s biggest merger to date when it bought a Korean app builder for a large $1.73 billion. Since then, Match was speckled contrast organisation live video on Tinder, though says that sold product is not rising in a near-term. At slightest dual brands will see Hyperconnect-powered integrations in 2021.

Match Group to supplement audio and video chat, including organisation live video, to a dating app portfolio


The Photo Video difficulty on U.S. app stores saw clever expansion in a initial half of a year, a Sensor Tower news found. Consumer spend among a tip 100 apps grew 34% YoY to $457 million in Q2 2021, with a infancy of a income (83%) holding place on iOS.

Image Credits: Sensor Tower


Epic Games suggested a horde of a in-app Rift Tour eventuality is Ariana Grande, in a eventuality that runs Aug 6-8.

Pokémon GO influencers threatened to protest a diversion after Niantic private a COVID reserve measures that had authorised people to some-more simply play while amicable distancing. Niantic’s pierce seemed ill-timed, given a Delta various is causing a new call of COVID cases globally.

Pokémon GO influencers bluster a protest after Niantic removes COVID reserve measures

Health Fitness

Apple kicked out an app called Unjected from a App Store. The new amicable app billed itself as a village for a unvaccinated, permitting like-minded users to bond for dating and friendships. Apple pronounced a app disregarded a policies for COVID-19 content.

Google Pay stretched support for vaccine cards. In Australia, Google’s payments app now allows users to supplement their COVID-19 digital acceptance to their device for easy access. The choice is permitted by Google’s newly updated Passes API that lets supervision agencies discharge digital versions of vaccine cards.

COVID Tech Connect, a U.S. nonprofit essentially dedicated to collecting inclination like phones and tablets for COVID ICU patients, has now launched a possess app. The app, TeleHome, is a device-agnostic, HIPAA-compliant approach for patients to place a video call for giveaway during a time when a Delta various is again stuffing ICU wards, this time with a unvaccinated — a condition that infrequently overlaps with being low-income. Some among a operative bad have been wavering to get a shot since they can’t skip a day of work, and are disturbed about side effects. Which is since a Biden administration charity a taxation credit to SMBs who charity paid time off to staff to get vaccinated and recover.

As a delta various surges, a nonprofit app lets sanatorium patients call home for giveaway on any device 

Popular journaling app Day One, that was recently acquired by WordPress.com owners Automattic, rolled out a new “Concealed Journals” underline that lets users censor calm from others’ viewing. By drumming a eye icon, a calm can be simply secluded on a biography by biography basis, that can be useful for those who write to their biography in public, like coffee shops or open transportation.


Recently IPO’d denunciation training app Duolingo is building a math app for kids. The association says it’s still “very early” in a expansion process, though will announce some-more sum during a annual conference, Duocon, after this month.

Educational publisher Pearson launched an app that offers U.S. students entrance to a 1,500 titles for a monthly subscription of $14.99. a Pearson+ mobile app (ack, another +), also offers a choice of essential $9.99 per month for entrance to a singular content for a smallest of 4 months.

News Reading

Quora jumps into a subscription economy. Still not essential from ads alone, Quora announced dual new products that concede a consultant creators to monetize their calm on a service. With Quora+ ($5/mo or $50/yr), subscribers can compensate for any calm that a creator paywalls. Creators can select to capacitate a adaptive paywall that will use an algorithm to establish when to uncover a paywall. Another product, Spaces, lets creators write paywalled publications on Quora, identical to Substack. But usually a 5% cut goes to Quora, instead of 10% on Substack.


Google Maps on iOS total a new live location-sharing underline for iMessage users, permitting them to some-more simply uncover your ETA with friends and even how most battery life we have left. The underline competes with iMessage’s built-in location-sharing feature, and offers plcae pity of 1 hour adult to 3 days. The app also gained a dim mode.

Google Maps on iOS adds live plcae pity in iMessage, home shade widget, dim mode

Security Privacy

Controversial crime app Citizen launched a $20 per month “Protect” use that includes live representative support (who can impute calls to 911 if need be). The agents can accumulate your accurate location, warning your designated puncture contacts, assistance we navigate to a protected plcae and guard a conditions until we feel safe. The complement of live representative support is identical to in-car or in-home confidence and reserve systems, like those from ADT or OnStar, though works with users out in a genuine world. The argumentative part, however, is a association behind a product: Citizen has been creation headlines for rising private confidence fleets outward law enforcement, and recently charity a prerogative in a manhunt for an trusting chairman formed on unsubstantiated tips.

? Square announced a merger of a “buy now, compensate later” hulk AfterPay in a $29 billion understanding that values a Australian organisation during some-more than 30% aloft than a stock’s final shutting cost of AUS$96.66. AfterPay has served over 16 million business and scarcely 100,000 merchants globally, to date, and comes during a time when a BNPL space is heating up. Apple has also gotten into a marketplace recently with an Affirm partnership in Canada.

Why Square is shelling out $29B to obstacle BNPL actor Afterpay

? Gaming hulk Zynga acquired Chinese diversion developer StarLark, a group behind a mobile golf diversion Golf Rival, from Betta Games for $525 million in both money and stock. Golf Rival is a second-largest mobile golf diversion behind Playdemic’s Golf Clash, and EA is in a routine of shopping that studio for $1.4 billion.

?  U.K.-based Humanity lifted an additional $2.5 million for a app that claims to assistance delayed down aging, bringing a sum lift to date to $5 million. Backers embody Calm’s co-founders, MyFitness Pal’s co-founder and others in a health space. The app works by benchmarking health recommendation opposite real-world data, to assistance users put improved health practices into action.

? YELA, a Cameo-like app for a Middle East and South Asia, lifted $2 million led by U.S. investors that embody Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen and Sean Rad, ubiquitous partner of RAD Fund. The app is focusing on signing celebrities in a regions it serves, where smartphone invasion is high and over 6% of a race is underneath 35.

? London-based health and wellness app builder Palta lifted a $100 million Series B led by VNV Global. The company’s products embody Flo.Health, Simple Fasting, Zing Fitness Coach and others, that strech a total 2.4 million active, paid subscribers. The supports will be used to emanate some-more mobile subscription products.

? Emoji database and Wikipedia-like site Emojipedia was acquired by Zedge, a makers of a phone personalization app charity wallpapers, ringtones and some-more to 35 million MAUs. Deal terms weren’t disclosed. Emojipedia says a understanding provides it with some-more fortitude and a event for destiny growth. For Zedge, a understanding provides?….um, a renouned web apparatus it thinks it can improved monetize, we suspect.

? Mental health app Revery lifted $2 million led by Sequoia Capital India’s Surge module for a app that combines cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia with mobile gaming concepts. The association will concentration on other mental health issues in a future.

? London-based Nigerian-operating fintech startup Kuda lifted a $55 million Series B, valuing a mobile-first challenger bank during $500 million. The inside turn was co-led by Valar Ventures and Target Global.

? Vietnamese payments provider VNLife lifted $250 million in a turn led by U.S.-based General Atlantic and Dragoneer Investment Group. PayPal Ventures and others also participated. The turn values a business during over $1 billion.

Mastodon for iPhone

Fans of decentralized amicable media efforts now have a new app. The nonprofit behind a open source decentralized amicable network Mastodon expelled an central iPhone app, directed during creation a network some-more permitted to newcomers. The app allows we to find and follow people and topics; post text, images, GIFs, polls, and videos; and get told of new replies and reblogs, most like Twitter.


@_666eveITS SO COOL FRFR do u guys wish a tutorial? #fypシ #醒图 #醒图app♬ strange sound – Ian Asher

TikTok users are training any other how to switch over to a Chinese App Store in sequence to get ahold of a Xingtu app for iOS. (An Android chronicle is also available.) The app offers modernized modifying collection that let users revise their face and body, like FaceTune, request makeup, supplement filters and more. While image-editing apps can be argumentative for how they can impact physique acceptance, Xingtu offers a accumulation of artistic filters that is what’s essentially pushing a demand. It’s engaging to see a lengths people will go to usually to get a few new filters for their photos — maybe creation a box for Instagram to finally refurbish a Post filters instead of sanctimonious no one cares about their immobile photos anymore.

Facebook still winning tip charts, though not a No. 1 spot:  

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