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This Week in Apps: Google I/O wraps, a new ARCore API, Twitter deal drama | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Sun, May 15th, 2022

This Week in Apps: Google I/O wraps, a new ARCore API, Twitter understanding drama

Welcome behind to This Week in Apps, a weekly TechCrunch array that recaps a latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and a altogether app economy.

The app attention continues to grow, with a record series of downloads and consumer spending opposite both a iOS and Google Play stores total in 2021, according to a latest year-end reports. Global spending opposite iOS, Google Play and third-party Android app stores in China grew 19% in 2021 to strech $170 billion. Downloads of apps also grew by 5%, reaching 230 billion in 2021, and mobile ad spend grew 23% year over year to strech $295 billion.

Today’s consumers now spend some-more time in apps than ever before — even commanding a time they spend examination TV, in some cases. The normal American watches 3.1 hours of TV per day, for example, yet in 2021, they spent 4.1 hours on their mobile device. And they’re not even a world’s heaviest mobile users. In markets like Brazil, Indonesia and South Korea, users surpassed 5 hours per day in mobile apps in 2021.

Apps aren’t usually a approach to pass idle hours, either. They can grow to turn outrageous businesses. In 2021, 233 apps and games generated over $100 million in consumer spend, and 13 surfaced $1 billion in revenue. This was adult 20% from 2020, when 193 apps and games surfaced $100 million in annual consumer spend, and usually 8 apps surfaced $1 billion.

This Week in Apps offers a approach to keep adult with this fast-moving attention in one place, with a latest from a universe of apps, including news, updates, startup fundings, mergers and acquisitions, and suggestions about new apps to try, too.

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Google I/O Wrap-Up

Image Credits: Google

We came, we saw, we I/O’d. But did we have fun?

It’s a contrition Google’s large developer eventuality was still mostly hybrid — save for name invitees (Google’s partners), a eventuality was usually streamed. The keynotes are reason during an outside amphitheater so a COVID-era order is starting to not make sense. Concerts are open and tech employees are being shuffled behind to a office, yet outside tech events are still closed, we guess? Unfortunately, this preference impacts those not advantageous adequate to make a guest list during these real-world happenings that offer networking opportunities and chances to rivet directly with Google employees. At slightest Apple incited WWDC into a pointless lottery, or so it says. After all, a keynotes are not a categorical reason developers go to these things.

In any event, Google’s eventuality arrange of felt like an off-year, where some of a biggest hardware announcements had no accurate boat dates, over “fall” or “next year” or “who knows?!” During a keynote, Google denounced a lower-cost Pixel 6a phone and new Pixel Buds, both entrance this summer, and a large news of a initial smartwatch, impending this fall. But other announcements were usually teased, like a Tensor-powered Pixel 7, due this fall; a new Android inscription (the Pixel tablet) for 2023; and Google’s visualisation for AR glasses, with a boat date of IDK MAYBE ONE DAY.

In terms of Android developer news, there was still utterly a bit:

  • Play Store: Highlights embody prepaid app subscriptions, new “ultra-low” cost points (e.g. for rising markets or tipping), improved ways of bundling subscriptions and offers, and more. On a storefront itself, Google Play combined in-app events and tradition product pages, among other things.
  • Dev tools: Updated Firebase backend-as-a-service for faster app development; Flutter 3 combined support for macOS and Linux desktop apps; Android Studio gained live edits to speed adult dev cycles; a Samsung partnership for easier information pity between health and aptness apps; and a new ARCore Geospational API, formed on Google Visual Positioning System and Street View images, that lets developers anchor calm around GPS, saving resources by not carrying to indicate a earthy space. (More below).

Plus Google announced other updates, including a new Google Wallet app, new AI models (e.g. LaMDA 2), a new “immersive” mode on Google Maps, ad personalization tools, Google Cloud updates, confidence tools, Assistant facilities and more.

Google’s new ‘multisearch’ facilities spirit toward an AR eyeglasses future

ARCore Geospatial API

A integrate of engaging things during I/O did spirit toward Google’s longer-term prophesy for AR, starting with a latest mulitsearch advances. Announced progressing this year, multisearch lets users mix images and calm into a singular Google Search query to tackle a sorts of searches that a calm hunt alone could onslaught with, or to assist with offered purchases. But a tech could one day offer to assistance users indicate equipment in a genuine world. For starters, Google pronounced users can now indicate real-world equipment and afterwards supplement “near me” to their query to find a circuitously sell store that carries a object in question.

But some-more interestingly, Google pronounced one day users will be means to vessel their camera around to learn about churned objects within that wider scene. The association suggested a underline could be used to indicate a shelves during a bookstore, afterwards see useful several insights overlaid in front of you.

Image Credits: Google

Of course, this record would make clarity for an AR eyeglasses interface — yet a Google exec presenting didn’t directly come out and contend that.

“There are 8 billion visible searches on Google with Lens each singular month now and that series is 3 times a distance that it was usually a year ago,” pronounced Nick Bell, comparison director, Google Search. “What we’re unequivocally observant from people is that a ardour and a enterprise to hunt visually is there. And what we’re perplexing to do now is gaunt into a use cases and brand where this is many useful,” he said. “I consider as we consider about a destiny of search, visible hunt is unequivocally a pivotal partial of that.”

Today, many developers are perplexing out AR practice in their smartphone apps wondering how consumers will conflict to a new features. At I/O, Google common how it sees use cases for AR. These ranged from scanning a universe in front of we and augmenting it with information to indoor navigation to personification games. Google presented several practice built by a new ARCore Geospatial API’s early adopters, that enclosed AR gaming, navigation aids that helped concert-goers find their seats, as good as new collection charity by Bird and Lime to assistance people geolocate where to park their scooters and e-bikes with “less than a scale accuracy.”

These collection are in a hands of Android and iOS app developers, yet one day, a shade developers are building for might no longer be usually a rectilinear smartphone — yet eyewear. (On that note, Meta attempted to take a spotlight with a provoke of a churned existence glasses, yet what’s there to contend about a pixelated Zuck video?)

But AR eyeglasses are still a gamble that a destiny era wants a universe with ever some-more personal tech, where tech becomes a serve partial of a tellurian condition and experience, rather than a handheld apparatus it is today. That prophesy also implies a Big Tech recoil we’re experiencing currently will come to an end, and people will determine to put Google or Facebook on their face. we mean, even in “Star Trek” they still used tablets, we know?

Elon pauses Twitter deal…well, not really…Oh, who knows!!

Elon Musk idol over chatter icons

Image Credits: Bryce Durbin / TechCrunch

Elon’s trolling. Or aiming to renegotiate a share price. Or looking for an exit. Who knows? But a would-be Twitter acquirer tweeted on Friday a understanding was paused while he looked into sum associated to a commission of spam and feign accounts on a app. Of course, he can’t unequivocally postponement a understanding over spambots. He declined due diligence. And Twitter discloses a commission of spam and bots in a SEC filings. And even if it was some-more than a 5% Twitter says it is, it can’t presumably be SO MUCH MORE that it would indeed bluster a understanding going through. (Unless Musk usually found out roughly all Twitter users are bots! Ha! we mean…sometimes it feels like that when we twitter about crypto…)

Elon Musk says Twitter understanding ‘temporarily on reason over spam’

In any event, if Musk wants out, he’ll find a approach — no matter what a agreement or SEC has to contend about it.

But in a successive tweet, Musk wrote he was “still committed” to a acquisition. Okay then??

Regardless of what happens to Twitter, a genuine repairs to a association goes over this financial mess. People saw their work demeaned. Advertisers suspicion about slicing Twitter from their buys. Top execs left. This week, some-more were fired. Staff’s ability to concentration on their work is, arguably, impacted by a ongoing drama. Maybe Jack Dorsey did wish to take Twitter private, yet because would he have upheld doing it this way?

Meanwhile, CEO Parag Agrawal pronounced on Friday a understanding wasn’t interlude him from creation a “hard decisions as needed,” a anxiety to a firings, cost-cutting and employing solidify announced this week.

Platforms: Apple

  • Apple is restructuring a services organisation to refocus on some-more streaming and promotion work, per Insider. Apple VP of Services, Peter Stern, now focuses on video, books, news, iCloud, Fitness+ and Apple One, yet no longer handles advertising. Instead, Todd Teresi, an promotion clamp boss during Apple, will do so and news directly to SVP of Services, Eddy Cue.
  • Following Apple’s devise to purify adult a App Store, a news suggested that there are some 1.5 million deserted apps opposite both iOS and Android stores as of Q1 2022, that have left some-more than dual years though an update.

Platforms: Google

  • Google began restraint downloads of paid apps and paid app updates in Russia as of May 5, citing correspondence issues.
  • A investigate found EU’s GDPR reduced a series of Google Play apps by a third, increasing costs and reduced revenues for app developers.


  • Amazon’s Alexa app is holding on Ibotta, Checkou51, Fetch Rewards and others with a new underline that allows business to acquire cash-back rewards for gnawing photos of their profits and pity that information behind to Amazon.
  • ByteDance, TikTok’s primogenitor company, pronounced it aims to double a volume of offered holding place on Douyin (China’s chronicle of TikTok) to scarcely $240 billion, per The Information.
  • Apple is reportedly deliberation a nutrition-focused food smoothness service to opposition Instacart, charity by a Apple Health app, per Bloomberg’s Power On.
  • The tip 10 U.S. package tracking apps’ MAUs grew 152% in Q1 2022 compared to Q1 2020, and 20% YoY compared to Q1 2021, per Sensor Tower. Breaking this down further, a tip grocery smoothness apps’ use grew 50% compared to 1Q20, and adult 9% when compared to 1Q21, while offered apps grew 9% compared to 1Q20, and declined 5% Y/Y compared to 1Q21.

Augmented Reality

  • Niantic’s Lightship Summit is entrance adult May 24-25 to speak AR opposite keynotes, workshops and panels.


  • Robinhood began charity an appealing 1% APY rate in a revamped brokerage money brush module rolled out this week. The rate is aloft than average, compared with what a U.S. financier would acquire on money in a assets comment — around 0.06%.
  • A crypto meltdown this week triggered by algorithmic stablecoin TerraUSD descending next $1 drove assertive panic offered and saw Bitcoin tanking to a lowest indicate given 2020, as stablecoins struggled to survive. Crypto apps are all feeling a impacts and Binance announced it was indefinitely crude trade of Terraform Labs’ Terra (Luna) and TerraUSD (UST) tokens.
  • Coinbase’s decrease has mirrored a dump in Bitcoin prices, with a marketplace tip descending to $12.98 billion from a $75 billion+ rise in 2021 per Bloomberg. Its batch sealed during $58.50, good next a first-day shutting cost of $328.28 in Apr 2021, it said.

Terra’s UST pile-up will make life harder for crypto as law looms


instagram contrast nfts

Image Credits: Instagram

  • Instagram began rolling out NFTs, primarily to name creators. At launch, upheld blockchains embody Ethereum and Polygon, with support for Flow and Solana entrance soon. Third-party wallets concordant for use during launch embody Rainbow, MetaMask and Trust Wallet, with Coinbase, Dapper and Phantom entrance soon.
  • TikTok rolled out a Friends add-on for examination videos from people we know, replacing a Discover add-on in a app. Who pronounced we wanted to hang out with friends on TikTok?! The app had been pulling people to upload their contacts to a app for weeks before to a move.
  • TikTok and Foursquare stretched a partnership to embody Foursquare Attribution. The understanding gives advertisers entrance to acclimatisation insights from a dimensions product Foursquare Attribution, that helps lane how ads expostulate people into brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Facebook pronounced it’s shuttering a Nearby Friends use after 8 years. The closure will come on May 31, along with Weather Alerts, plcae story and credentials location, all of that are also being discontinued.
  • Four U.S. member sent letters to a CEOs of Meta, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter seeking them to repository any calm uploaded to their platforms that could be used as justification of Russian fight crimes.
  • A primogenitor is suing TikTok alleging her child died after repeating a trance plea she saw on a app.


  • Tinder primogenitor Match Group sued Google observant a pierce to force developers to change to a Google billing complement is an abuse of power. Google discharged a explain observant Match usually wanted to equivocate profitable a satisfactory share.
  • Bumble kick on a Q1 gain estimates with income of $211.2 million adult 24% year-over-year, and profitable users adult 7% year-over-year to 3 million. The batch jumped 17% in extended trade on a news.
  • Grindr concluded to go open around a SPAC partnership during a $2.1 billion gratefulness including debt. The pierce will lift ~$384 million. The dating app had $147 million income in 2021, adult 30% year-over-year.


  • WhatsApp rolled out Message Reactions, support for pity files adult to 2GB in size, and a ability to supplement adult to 512 people to a group.

Streaming Entertainment

Image Credits: YouTube

  • YouTube Shorts, a video service’s TikTok-like product, gained a TikTok-like underline with a serve of a new “Green Screen” effect that lets we shave a 60-second video from any authorised YouTube VOD or upload from your phone’s Camera Roll.
  • YouTube also began contrast a new membership gifting underline with a tiny series of creators that would concede users to present Channel membership subscribers to others.
  • Billboard Music Awards teamed adult with TikTok to launch an in-app hub, Sound to Song, that highlights a tip songs that started out as sounds on TikTok videos afterwards finished adult commanding a Billboard charts.
  • Podcast ad income is approaching to tip $2.13 billion in a U.S. in 2022, a 47% year-over-year increase.
  • Wattpad’s Webtoon Studios, a makers of a user-gen novella app Wattpad, partnered with Italy’s Leone Film Group to co-develop films for both Italian and general audiences formed on strange stories in Wattpad.


  • Roblox delivered an gain skip in Q1 2022, with gain of $631.2 million contra $645 million expected, and saw a detriment of 27 cents instead of a 21 cents expected. The association cited a COVID liberation as contributing to a decline, yet pronounced it still believes it’s gaining share relations to other amicable and gaming apps competing for users’ time.
  • Riot Games sued another mobile games developer in China, alleging a diversion “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” is ripping off Riot’s renouned MOBA, “League of Legends: Wild Riff.” Riot formerly sued Moonton over a diversion “Mobile Legends: 5v5 MOBA,” that Riot pronounced was a duplicate of “League of Legends.” Riot Games primogenitor Tencent stepped into that box and won a visualisation of $2.9 million opposite Moonton.
  • EA is building a “Lord of a Rings” mobile role-playing game formed on J.R.R. Tolkien’s books.

Health Fitness

  • Connected aptness height Peloton expelled a latest, a new rowing machine, as good as several updates to a app, including a collaborative examination underline called “Invite Friends” and collection to lane non-Peloton workouts, like running, biking and walking.

Travel Transportation

  • Israeli trip-planning app Moovit is integrating with Orlando-based unconstrained convey startup Beep to concede riders to perspective options for holding Beep shuttles alongside other forms of transit, like buses or trains.

Government Policy

  • Apple rigourously responded to an antitrust exploration by Australian authorities (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, or ACCC) associated to breeze antitrust legislation. In a filing, Apple voiced critical concerns, observant it would have to redesign a iPhone to advantage a developers who wanted to mislay a App Store’s consumer word features.
  • U.S. Senator Michael Bennet introduced a Digital Platform Commission Act, in an bid to settle a sovereign watchdog privately for overseeing Big Tech companies. He argues that a supervision doesn’t have a tech imagination to make some of a decisions, and suggests a sovereign physique should be staffed with experts in digital fields. The legislation would still have to pass in a 50/50 Senate, however.

Security Privacy

  • A investigate of VPN apps in Russia found a tip 10 VPNs saw daily downloads grow from 15,000 before a fight to 475,000 as of Mar 2022.

? Snap acquired a open source, high-performance database KeyDB to urge a caching record and a large engineering workloads. Deal terms were not disclosed, yet a full six-person organisation will now join Snap and sojourn in Toronto.

? Travel word startup Faye lifted $8 million in a seed appropriation round led by Viola Ventures and F2 Venture Capital. The startup covers trips, health, effects and pets around an app that sends alerts, offers 24/7customer support and enables digital claims filing, as good as electronic transfers of reimbursements to a Faye Wallet.

? Creator app Fanhouse lifted $20 million in Series A appropriation from Andreessen Horowitz for a height that allows creators to bond directly with their village and beget revenue. Each fan views calm that’s watermarked singly for them, to assistance forestall leaks. The app is impending $10 million-plus in creator payouts after dual years, it said.

? Payments infrastructure provider Paddle, that wants to offer a third-party resolution to app developers if stores open up, lifted $200 million in Series D funding led by KKR. The understanding values a business, that now has 3,000 program customers, during $1.4 billion.

? Altro, an app that helps we build credit by bland repeated payments and subscriptions, lifted $18 million in a Series A funding turn led by Pendulum. The startup skeleton to serve deposit in a credit and financial education catalog and marketing, and will enhance to embody lease payments.

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