Published On: Sun, May 1st, 2022

This Week in Apps: Elon buys Twitter, Snap Summit summation and an App Store cleanup

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The app attention continues to grow, with a record series of downloads and consumer spending opposite both a iOS and Google Play stores total in 2021, according to a latest year-end reports. Global spending opposite iOS, Google Play and third-party Android app stores in China grew 19% in 2021 to strech $170 billion. Downloads of apps also grew by 5%, reaching 230 billion in 2021, and mobile ad spend grew 23% year over year to strech $295 billion.

Today’s consumers now spend some-more time in apps than ever before — even commanding a time they spend examination TV, in some cases. The normal American watches 3.1 hours of TV per day, for example, though in 2021, they spent 4.1 hours on their mobile device. And they’re not even a world’s heaviest mobile users. In markets like Brazil, Indonesia and South Korea, users surpassed 5 hours per day in mobile apps in 2021.

Apps aren’t usually a proceed to pass idle hours, either. They can grow to spin outrageous businesses. In 2021, 233 apps and games generated over $100 million in consumer spend, and 13 surfaced $1 billion in revenue. This was adult 20% from 2020, when 193 apps and games surfaced $100 million in annual consumer spend, and usually 8 apps surfaced $1 billion.

This Week in Apps offers a proceed to keep adult with this fast-moving attention in one place, with a latest from a universe of apps, including news, updates, startup fundings, mergers and acquisitions, and suggestions about new apps to try, too.

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A billionaire buys himself a amicable network

Can we trust it’s usually been a week given Elon Musk announced he was selling Twitter for around $44 billion? It’s felt like years!

A lot has happened given Elon Musk initial signaled his seductiveness in Twitter by snatching adult Twitter shares, afterwards after being offering a residence seat, disappearing a seat, afterwards determining he’d rather usually take a whole company. Initially, no one was utterly certain how critical Musk’s offer was, though when he dull adult financing and minute how he designed to compensate for Twitter, a offer had to be given a lot some-more consideration. On Apr 25, Twitter supposed Musk’s offer, that includes a $1 billion stop price on both sides. The understanding is a go.

There’s a lot of oddity over because Musk wanted Twitter in a initial place. But it’s approaching a mixed of a energy user meditative they can repair a use and a enterprise to use a network for a market-moving energy it’s been shown to have.

Now everyone’s wondering what happens next. Twitter was never a good business in Wall Street’s eyes, so going private is not a misfortune choice for a association to make. But going private underneath a giveaway debate absolutionist already has advertisers wary. If Twitter were to abate a calm mediation rules, it could concede some-more online abuse and hatred debate to thrive. AdAge reported a evident greeting from advertisers was one of stress and confusion. Brands began reaching out to agencies to assistance them know and prepare, it said. One group exec pronounced advertisers are scheming to stop spending after Musk’s takeover if things go south. Looking to relieve worries, Twitter emailed reassurances to advertisers, a FT reported. But brands know Twitter can’t make any promises about a inlet of giveaway debate on Twitter once Musk is in charge.

Advertisers can lift out of Twitter if need be — there are a series of other amicable networks desirous for their dollars over Meta. Snap and TikTok, for instance, could advantage from a intensity ad bill shift, as they also strech a younger demographic and have flourishing user bases. While Musk has ideas about how to grow Twitter’s revenues in other ways in a future, Twitter’s business currently is advertising-dependent. To what border Musk understands a nuances of that snarl is reduction clear. But unless a billionaire wants to self-fund Twitter, he should substantially give it some thought.

Global app store revenues remained prosaic in Q1

Global consumer spending in apps saw comparatively prosaic expansion year-over-year, according to new information from Sensor Tower. The association found that worldwide app income expansion from in-app purchases, reward apps and subscriptions grew usually 0.6% from $32.3 billion in Q1 2021 to $32.5 billion in Q1 2022. However, when looked during individually, a App Store and Google Play saw opposite trends. Google’s Play Store miss of expansion pulled a total expansion rate down, as it saw approximately $10.7 billion in consumer spending, down 8.5% year-over-year from $11.7 billion in Q1 2021. Meanwhile, Apple’s App Store revenue, that was double that of Google Play’s, grew 5.8% year-over-year from $20.6 billion to $21.8 billion.

Image Credits: Sensor Tower

Top grossing apps in a entertain enclosed TikTok (iOS) and Google One (Android), as good as streamers like YouTube, Disney+, Tencent Video, HBO Max, and others. Dating app Tinder was also a No. 5 tip grossing app overall.

Image Credits: Sensor Tower

Among app categories observant augmenting use in Q1, medical apps led a marketplace with 102% year-over-year growth, followed by navigation (+24%), transport (+19%), business (+15%), selling (+14%), financial (+13%) and preparation (+13%)

Snap Summit Recap

Snap hold a Partner Summit this week, where a association announced a series of new facilities in areas like AR Shopping, 3D item creation, AR expansion collection and more. It also announced a worker for holding photos, though that’s not unequivocally an app!

Among a highlights:

  • Lens Cloud: Snap launched another member for a developer platform, Lens Cloud. This server-side member will assistance developers build dynamic, multiplayer experiences. Lens Cloud allows developers to take advantage of multiuser services so groups of friends can correlate with a same Lens during a same time; location-based services concede developers to anchor their Lenses to places, starting in executive London; and it will offer developers a ability to store resources on Snap’s servers and bucket them adult on demand, permitting developers to enhance over 8 megabytes of storage.
  • AR Shopping: Snapchat total a new in-app finish within a app called “Dress Up” that will underline AR conform and practical try-on practice and pronounced it will now concede retailers to confederate with Snapchat’s AR selling record within their possess websites and apps, around CameraKit. Retailers will also benefit entrance to a new AR Image Processing record in Snap’s 3D item manager, that Snap says will make it easier and faster to build protracted existence selling experiences. To use it, brands will be means to name their product SKUs and afterwards spin them into Shopping Lenses by initial uploading their existent product photography for a SKUs they sell. Snap’s tech will afterwards routine these regulating a deep-learning procedure that turns them into AR Image assets.

Image Credits: Snap

  • Director Mode: Snapchat will supplement a new underline called Director Mode, directed during providing easier entrance to Snapchat’s local artistic collection for edition video on a platform, including for a short-form video underline famous as Spotlight. Director Mode will embody entrance to collection like greenscreen tech, Quick Edit and a new Dual Camera underline that will concede users to record both a front-facing and back-facing cameras during a same time.
  • Live Nation + Snap: Snap pronounced it would partner with Live Nation to launch AR practice during name concerts and festivals, including Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Lollapalooza in Chicago, Wireless Festival in London, Rolling Loud in Miami and The Governors Ball in New York.

Apps and earnings

It was a bustling week for tech association earnings. Apple had a stellar quarter, with income augmenting 9% to $97.3 billion, and quarterly distinction flourishing 6% to $25 billion, though shares slipped on warnings of probable supply sequence constraints impacting a business in a future. But a standout news for a app economy was a record income reported by Apple’s services division, that includes a App Store and other subscription-based business lines, like Apple TV+, Apple Music, cloud services and more. The association pronounced services income grew 17% year over year to strech $19.8 billion and it now has 825 million paid subscriptions. That means services is now bigger than Apple’s Mac ($10.44 billion) and iPad ($7.65 billion) groups combined.

Apple’s services income hits a record $19.8B in Q2, reaches 825M paid subscriptions

Other tech gain of note this week included:

  • Twitter: In what could be one of a final gain reports as a open company, Twitter reported income of $1.2 billion, somewhat blank estimates of $1.23 billion, EPS of 4 cents, above a 3 cents expected, and mDAUs of 229 million, above a 226.9 million expected. But a association also certified a vital error, observant it had overcounted a users over a past 3 years. On a quarterly basis, a overcounting was as high as 1.9 million.

Twitter says it overcounted a users over a past 3 years

  • YouTube (a partial of Alphabet’s earnings): The video site was approaching to pierce in $7.51 billion, though done $6.87 billion, adult 14.9% year-over-year. That’s slower expansion than a before quarter’s 25%, and even smaller than a year-ago entertain when expansion was 48.71%. YouTube cited Apple’s remoteness rules and others impacting web browsers for a negligence growth. In addition, YouTube’s TikTok rival, Shorts, saw 4x some-more views than final year, with 30 billion views per day; 2 billion logged-in users revisit YouTube monthly.
  • Meta: The company’s family of apps (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp) grew to 3.64 billion MAUs in a quarter, though ARPU declined from $9.39 to $7.72. Facebook once again grew a DAUs to 1.96 billion, after slipping final year for a initial time, when it afterwards forsaken from 19.3 billion to 19.29 billion. But most of a income Meta’s creation ($27.9 billion in Q1, adult 6.6%) is being spent on a VR pivot, Reality Labs. The multiplication mislaid scarcely $3 billion in Q1 after losing some $10b in 2021.
  • PayPal: The payments app and Venmo owners reported income of $6.48 billion in Q1, adult 8% year-over-year, unwell to accommodate a $6.6 billion researcher estimates. Net income of $1.03 billion, down from $1.46 billion and TPV of $323 billion, was adult 15% year-over-year.
  • Robinhood: The trade app reported Q1 income was down 43% year-over-year to $299 million, contra $355.8 million estimated, and a net detriment of $392 million, down from $1.4 billion year-over-year. The app has 15.9 million MAUs, down from 17.7 million.
  • Pinterest: The picture pinboard now pivoting to video reported Q1 income of $575 million, adult 18% year-over-year, contra $572.5 million expected, and 433 million MAUs, down 9% year-over-year, with a tellurian ARPU of $1.33, adult 28%. The association addressed a TikTok hazard during earnings, observant it would concentration on video calm that desirous users to take action, not usually be entertained.

Pinterest addresses a TikTok hazard in a initial entertain earnings

Platforms: Apple

  • An App Store cleanup caused debate this week, as several iOS developers took to amicable media to report receiving notices from Apple that their comparison apps but updates will be private from sale within 30 days if no updates were submitted. Sensor Tower’s research of apps that had during slightest 10,000 installs in 2022 found some 2,966 apps and games could face dismissal during Apple’s latest purge, as they were final updated before or during 2018. In looking during apps assembly a same turn of installs that were final updated before Sep 2020, it found apps confronting dismissal might series as many as 7,335. Apple afterwards simplified a devise with a developer update, observant apps that have not been updated within a final 3 years would be a ones it removed. 

Thousands of semi-active apps could be held adult in latest App Store purge

  • Apple reminded developers they have until May 20, 2022 to contention a ask to accept remuneration from Apple’s $100 million assistance fund, announced final year in response to a class-action lawsuit from U.S. developers. The comment would compensate out between $250-$30,000 to developers creation equal to or reduction than $1 million per year on a App Store between 2015 and 2021. To qualify, developers contingency have sole paid apps or in-app purchases (including subscriptions) by a App Store between Jun 4, 2015 and Apr 26, 2021.
  • The App Store had an outage on Monday that done it seem as of remoteness labels were blank from apps.
  • Apple expelled a third open beta for iOS 15.5, iPadOS 15.5.
  • Apple’s iOS 15.5 beta was found to be restraint supportive locations for Memories in a Photos app, including places like Holocaust memorials, a Anne Frank residence and others.
  • Mobile detrimental organisation AppsFlyer expelled a investigate (via AdWeek) that showed user opt-out rates for ATT have stabilized, formed on information from Mar 2022 opposite 4,600 apps on a network. Consent was tip when users launched a app for a initial time, when 46% comparison “Allow” on a pop-up, it found.

Platforms: Google

  • Google launched a initial beta of Android 13, also accessible as an over-the-air update. The beta was initial done accessible to Pixel device owners. During a preview phase, Google had launched facilities like themed app icons, Bluetooth LE audio, MIDI 2.0 support over USB, per-app denunciation support and opt-in pull notifications, among other things. This new beta enclosed some-more granular permissions for media record access, softened blunder reporting, a new audio API and other smaller updates.
  • Google’s Privacy Sandbox for Android launched in Developer Preview for Android 13. The privacy-focused ad-tracking renovate provides an early demeanour during a SDK Runtime and Topics API.
  • Google Play officially launched a possess chronicle of privacy-related “nutrition labels” for apps. The association pronounced it will start to hurl out a new Google Play Data reserve territory to users on a light basis, forward of a Jul 20th deadline that requires developers to scrupulously divulge a information their app collects, if and how it’s common with third parties, a app’s confidence practices and more. Compared with Apple’s initiative, Google’s labels put a bigger concentration on either we can trust a information that’s collected is being rubbed responsibly by permitting developers to divulge if they follow best practices around information security. The association pronounced it would check any Data reserve territory “using systems and processes that are invariably improving,” when asked how a information developers contention is vetted for accuracy.

Image Credits: Google

Augmented Reality

  • Camera IQ launched support for AR effects within TikTok’s AR expansion height Effect House, that allows creators to build AR effects for use in a app.


  • The Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Instagram was hacked this week, heading to a burglary of millions of dollars of NFTs. The high-profile occurrence showed how amicable media apps run by crypto operations could be a source of vulnerability.
  • Trading app Robinhood’s CEO Vlad Tenev announced this week that it was laying off 9% of a full-time employees, potentially impacting some 300 people. The association is entrance off dual years of hyper-growth, where it grew from 700 to scarcely 3,800 employees between 2019-21, and now faces larger competition.
  • WhatsApp is formulation to launch cash-back rewards and businessman incentives to attract users in India to a P2P payments service.


  • Instagram began contrast a Templates feature, that allows users to duplicate formats from other Reels. It also started contrast a underline that would let users pin mixed Feed posts to their profile, identical to how TikTok lets users pin videos.
  • Reddit strictly launched a Community Funds module with a $1 million investment after formerly experimenting with appropriation over a dozen projects nominated by users on a platform, trimming from community-designed billboards to digital conferences. The association will accept nominations for projects wanting between $1,000 to $50,000 in funding.
  • TikTok once again became a tip app worldwide by downloads in a initial quarter, per Sensor Tower. The app had formerly surpassed 3.5 billion lifetime installs in Q1 2021, and in a initial entertain of 2022 it saw some-more than 175 million installs. No app has had some-more downloads than TikTok given a commencement of 2018 when WhatsApp had 250 million worldwide downloads.

Image Credits: Sensor Tower

  • Reels, Instagram’s short-form video underline and TikTok rival, now creates adult some-more than 20% of a time that people spend on Instagram, a association announced during earnings.
  • An NYT examination of a Trump-backed amicable app Truth Social found a series of artificial accounts for large brands that were being used by imposters, as good as damaged features (including search), and posts that were dark for regulating abuse words.
  • China’s amicable app Weibo, identical to Twitter, told users it would now tell a locations of users formed on IP address to their comment pages in sequence to fight “bad behavior.” Users will not be means to opt out.
  • TikTok rolls out a underline that lets users opt into observant who noticed their profile and permitting others to see when they’ve visited their profiles, too.

Streaming Entertainment

  • YouTube rolled out Super Thanks, a in-app tipping underline that includes charcterised GIFs alongside a fan’s comments, to all authorised creators opposite 68 locations in a YouTube Partner Program.

Image Credits: YouTube

  • The HBO Max mobile app usually had one of a biggest buliding to date. The app done a tip 5 in terms of most-download apps in a U.S., and also had a second-best month altogether in a month of January.
  • NBCU’s streaming app Peacock total 4 million paid subscribers in Q1, adult 44% from final quarter. The pennon finished a initial entertain of 2022 with 28 million monthly active accounts, adult from a 24.5 million Comcast reported for a height during a finish of 2021. Of those, 13 million are profitable customers, adult from 9 million in a before quarter.


  • Fortnite builder Epic Games filed a suit for a rough claim to stop Google from stealing a song storefront Bandcamp, that Epic acquired in March, from a Google Play Store. Google’s process says Android apps need to pierce into correspondence with a Google Play Billing process by Jun 1, or face dismissal from a Play Store. The filing argues that carrying to compensate Google’s fees would impact Bandcamp’s business indication involving profitable artists 82% of their Bandcamp revenues in a rev share. But profitable Google’s fees could force that biz indication to change or force Bandcamp to work during a loss. Of sold interest: a filing records Google offering Bandcamp a special understanding involving a rev share of 10%, that Epic Games says is still too much.

Health Fitness

  • The Apple Watch app Gentler Streak, that takes a some-more merciful proceed to aptness tracking, was updated with softened heart monitoring during exercise, as good as widgets support for iPhone users. The app recently total other non-conventional exercises not tracked by Apple’s Workout app, like dog walking, shoveling and towering biking.

Government Policy

  • Japan is now deliberation new regulations that would need tech giants like Apple and Google to concede for mixed app stores on their platforms. It also noticed a preinstallation of a companies’ possess browsers as a intensity anti-competitive issue. Apple protested a news observant it disagreed with a series of a conclusions. Google pronounced it will serve inspect a report.
  • The EU is scheming to board an antitrust censure over Apple Pay on iPhone, as Apple restricts other remuneration services from carrying a same entrance to a iPhone’s NFC hardware.
  • U.S. regulator National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is requesting comments on foe in a mobile app ecosystem, including around app store policies, mobile web expansion and more.

Security Privacy

  • Google announced it has blocked 1.2 million apps that disregarded a policies from being published on a Play Store in 2021, criminialized 190,000 developer accounts for antagonistic function and sealed around 500,000 developer accounts that were dead or abandoned.

💰 Copper, a digital banking app directed during teens, lifted $29 million in Series A funding in a turn led by Fiat Ventures. The app has grown to some-more than 800,000 users, adult from 350,000 final October, and offers a mixed of personalized withdraw cards, entrance to 50,000 ATMs, support for digital wallets, parental monitoring of teen spending, P2P, financial recommendation and more.

💰 Mirai Flights, a London-based app for present engagement of licence flights, raised a $3 million investment turn led by Xploration Capital. The Mirai Flights app is accessible in 63 countries and operates with 8 private airlines. Mirai uses a last-mile model, relating supply and demand, utilizing dull moody legs to make it some-more fit to lapse a jet to a bottom location.

💰 Singapore-based BandLab, an app that lets users emanate and share music, lifted $65 million in Series B funding, during a post-money gratefulness of $315 million. The turn was led by Vulcan Capital. The association says a app is now used by over 40 million creators.

💰 Berlin-based app Taxfix, that helps users with filing taxes, raised a $200 million Series D turn led by Teachers’ Venture Growth, valuing a business during over $1 billion.

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