Published On: Mon, Apr 6th, 2020

This Week in Apps: Apple launches a COVID-19 app, a outbreak’s impact on amicable and video apps and more

Welcome behind to This Week in Apps, a Extra Crunch array that recaps a latest OS news, a applications they support and a income that flows by it all.

The app attention saw a record 204 billion downloads and $120 billion in consumer spending in 2019, according to App Annie’s “State of Mobile” annual report. People are now spending 3 hours and 40 mins per day regulating apps, rivaling TV. Apps aren’t only a approach to pass idle hours — they’re a large business. In 2019, mobile-first companies had a total $544 billion valuation, 6.5x aloft than those but a mobile focus.

In this Extra Crunch series, we assistance we keep adult with a latest news from a universe of apps, delivered on a weekly basis.

This week, we’re stability a special coverage of how a COVID-19 conflict is impacting apps and a wider mobile app attention as some-more COVID-19 apps seem — including one from Apple built in partnership with a CDC, among others. We also take a demeanour during a gains done by amicable and video apps in new weeks as people onslaught to stay connected while stranded during home in quarantine. In other headlines, we puncture into Instagram’s co-watching feature, a Google for Games discussion news, Apple’s latest releases and updates, Epic Games enlargement into edition and more.

Coronavirus Special Coverage

Social video apps are bursting due to a COVID-19 pandemic

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