Published On: Sun, Mar 19th, 2017

This Tweak Only Sends iMessage Read Receipt When You Reply Back

Read profits have been partial of countless internet messaging apps for a prolonged time. The indicate is to forewarn a sender that a target has review your message. Not usually that, this accessible tack underline also notifies others a time during that we have review their message. iMessage also facilities review profits that you’re already informed with. In iOS 10, we have a ability to invalidate a underline by Settings. However, doing so would also forestall we from saying if they have review your summary or not. With this nifty new jailbreak tweak, we can send review profits whenever we want. Let’s dive in to see some some-more sum on a new jailbreak tweak.

Jailbreak Tweak Allows You To Send Read Receipts In iMessage Whenever You’re Ready

We have all been in a condition when promulgation review profits was not a best option. The tweak is called Delay Read Receipts that allows we to send review profits during will. If we have a tweak installed, a other chairman will not be delivered a review receipt unless we have sent a respond or started typing it. This allows we to review messages but anyone anticipating out if we have review their summary or not. Once you’re prepared to respond them back, simply form a summary or send it and usually afterwards will be a review receipt delivered.

Once you’re finished installing a tweak, we will primarily have to configure it. You can do this by a dedicated welfare mirror in a Settings app. The initial thing we will find is a kill switch, that allows we to toggle a jailbreak tweak on or off. Apart from this, we will also see an choice that allows we to select when to broach review receipts. The dual options embody when we start typing a summary or when it has been sent. So it’s flattering elementary nonetheless superbly convenient.

Delay Read Receipts is a neat jailbreak tweak that borrows we some time before you’re set to content someone back. Moreover, a tweak does not extent we from saying either a other chairman has review your summary or not.

If you’re interested, Delay Read Receipt is accessible as a giveaway package from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. In further to this, a jailbreak facilities support for iOS 10 iMessage. So do give it a swing.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Delay Read Receipts jailbreak tweak? Share your thoughts with us in a comments.

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