Published On: Wed, Apr 17th, 2019

This Switch Case Aims To Protect Your Console And Store Games For Portable Play

Venom1 Cropped

There are a startling series of Switch cases and accessories accessible on a market, all charity somewhat opposite ways to demeanour after your honour and joy, and a latest to strike stores is this Protective Shell Case from gaming appendage maker, Venom.

The box aims to keep a Switch and both Joy-Con controllers stable wherever we go interjection to a “robust” outdoor shell. The concentration here is to yield that insurance while still permitting full use of a complement and all controls, and it also offers storage for adult to 8 games should we wish to take it out and about.

Venom says that a box “installs in seconds”, with matte palm grips, an outdoor physique box and a potion shade guardian all included. The 8 games can be stored during a back of a case, as seen in a images provided.


Apparently, your Switch can still be placed in a wharf – and be used in a wharf – with a box still entirely attached. We can’t attest for a reserve of regulating a box inside a wharf ourselves, though this does sound like a nifty underline for those who like to ‘switch’ between both handheld and docked modes regularly.

If you’re interested, we can sequence your really possess from Amazon right now for £12.99. It releases this Friday, so any pre-orders placed now should arrive sincerely soon.

What do we think? Would we like one for yourself? Let us know in a common place.

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