Published On: Fri, Apr 14th, 2017

This Nokia 9 Concept Makes a Galaxy S8 Look Old Already – Images

Someone designed a smashing looking Nokia 9 concept, and child it makes the Galaxy S8 demeanour like a thing of a past already.

2:1 Display, Ultra Thin Design More – Meet a Nokia 9 Concept Smartphone

Nokia has jumped behind into a smartphone diversion and has already expelled a few handsets to damp fans. But there’s one device, called a Nokia 9, that everybody is fervent to learn some-more about. It’s rumored to underline a ton of good things underneath a hood, such as a brutal Snapdragon 835 chip with 6GB of RAM, along with a home-baked practical partner called Viki, most like Samsung’s Bixby. But no one knows what a tangible device itself will demeanour like. If a stream Nokia 6 and other releases are anything to go by, afterwards we competence take some clues as to what we can expect. But, Phone Designer on Facebook jumped a gun and illusory a smartphone in their possess light, and it looks positively violent to contend a least. Just check out a images next yourself.

The engineer imagines a Nokia 9 judgment to underline dual front confronting speakers for a smashing calm immoderate experience. But a arrangement is something that unequivocally takes a cake here, that is 5.5-inch large diagonally, and happens to be corner to corner in nature, most like a Galaxy S8. The arrangement facilities an LG G6 like aspect ratio of 2:1, creation a smartphone taller compared to a common 16:9 aspect ratio. This also means that we will notice minute fighting when it comes to calm that is now accessible on services such as YouTube.

Despite make-up all that smashing technology, a device looks remarkably thin. The engineer imagines it to be only 6.2mm think, that is allied to a iPhone 7. At a back, there are dual camera lenses for gnawing photos. But a engineer falls brief of revelation us what purpose they could serve. Either a device can take a LG G6 track in offering a far-reaching angle option, or a iPhone 7 Plus by charity abyss of margin outcome while holding shots. Whatever a box competence be, any camera some-more than one is always a good thing.

Let us know in a comments territory next what we consider about a Nokia 9 concept. Is it yay, or a finish nay?


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