Published On: Tue, Jan 15th, 2019

This New Switch Case Protects Your Console And Gives It A Proper D-Pad At The Same Time


Accessory builder Nyko has suggested a code new Switch box pattern that will strengthen your dear complement and offer a normal D-pad resolution all in one.

The ‘Dpad Case’ was initial suggested during CES 2019 final week, charity an ultra-thin safeguarding resolution for your console. As good as safeguarding a categorical unit, a removable cover for a left Joy-Con’s buttons allows owners to switch between regulating a customary controller buttons or a temporary D-Pad design.

On tip of that, a Joy-Con cases indeed double adult as small diversion storage solutions, definition we can lift 3 games with we during all times though a need for an additional box or storage wallet. The skinny pattern also allows a console to be docked, so we shouldn’t ever have to mislay a box if you’re happy with how it feels.

An accurate recover date for a product hasn’t been common only yet, though we do know that it’s approaching to launch in open 2019. It’ll be accessible for a endorsed sell cost of $19.99.

Does this demeanour like a useful appendage for you? Do we consider we competence provide yourself to one when it launches? Let us know down next in a comments.

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