Published On: Tue, Apr 2nd, 2019

This NES Controller Mod Kit Puts The D-Pad On The Right

Goofy Foot Nes Controller ModSteve DeLuca – Kickstarter

Remember final month when we reported on a child who hurt online users by holding a Famicom controller upside down? Well, one organisation of artistic gaming fans have finished and expelled a mod pack that enables we to totally flip a course of your strange NES controllers. On purpose.

There’s indeed a good reason for this: creatively starting on Kickstarter, a ‘Goofy Foot’ plan was innate in hopes of introducing an choice approach of personification your favourite NES games and giving we a choice to play a console’s arcade ports with a movement buttons on a left-hand side. This Kickstarter debate was indeed launched behind in 2017 and went on to be a success.

The mod pack uses a really possess circuit board, ensuring that a directional buttons still work rightly when a controller gets flipped upside down and permitting a A and B buttons to barter around. You’ll need your possess NES controller and soldering collection to use one of a kits, though we can see how it’s all finished in this video below.

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