Published On: Mon, Jan 21st, 2019

These N64 Spine Labels Are The Perfect Way To Organise Your Game Collection

N64 End LabelsSzabosArcades

The Nintendo 64’s smashing library of games is pleasingly easy to store during home, with any cartridge wise snuggly alongside one another and absolutely backing whatever box or shelf we confirm to place them on. Of course, interjection to a fact that usually their fronts have any artwork, it’s frustratingly unfit to know that diversion is that but pulling them all out individually.

Those heavy days can now be over, however, interjection to these stately N64 diversion spine labels. No doubt feeling your pain, several Etsy sellers are producing and offered their really possess plaque designs that can be used to catalog your finish collection. The set featured in a images next comes from SzabosArcades, with stickers accessible in white, red, black, or grey that camber a whole 296-game N64 library.


Another seller, going by a name of AfterMidnightps, has indeed supposing dual apart listings that support for both PAL and NTSC audiences specifically. The PAL collection contains fewer stickers, usually accounting for a 243 accessible games, since a US chronicle with NTSC stickers facilities a full 296.

The initial set we mentioned (shown in a images above) is accessible for £22.85 (or your internal currency’s equivalent); a PAL and NTSC variants are accessible for £16.03 and £15.23 respectively. All listings are shipping from a US.

Do we have an N64 collection in unfortunate need of these spine finish stickers? Let us know if you’ll be gnawing these adult in a comments below.

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