Published On: Thu, Aug 10th, 2017

These 10 tech companies are doing a best during diversity, according to Comparably

It’s been utterly a week in tech, with now-former Google operative James Damore’s argumentative post about gender going viral and his successive firing. So, right on cue, workplace enlightenment and association examination height Comparably has come out with a ranking of a tip 10 tech companies for people of color, as good as a tip 10 for women.

Because gender is tip of mind for a lot of people right now, let’s initial take a demeanour during that. Salesforce is No. 1, with a measure of 82, Apple comes in during No. 9 with a measure of 78 and Facebook is ranked No. 10 with a measure of 77. Here’s a full list for gender:

  • Salesforce (82)
  • Adobe (80)
  • Intuit (80)
  • T-Mobile (79)
  • LinkedIn (79)
  • Accenture (79)
  • PayPal (78)
  • Workday (78)
  • Apple (78)
  • Facebook (77)

Comparably’s gender measure is formed on how womanlike employees rate their knowledge during a particular company, while a “diversity” measure is formed on how employees of tone rate their knowledge during a company. All of a ratings were collected between Mar 2016 and Aug 2017. As we might have noticed, Google is not on a tip 10 list for gender.

  1. comparably ranking

  2. comparably ranking

Now about race. For people of color, VMWare ranks initial with a measure of 81. Salesforce stays in a tip 10 during No. 4 and both Google and Facebook came in with scores of 78. Here’s a full list for race:

  • VMWare (81)
  • Disney (80)
  • LinkedIn (80)
  • Salesforce (79)
  • Intuit (79)
  • Google (78)
  • T-Mobile (78)
  • Dell (78)
  • Facebook (78)
  • Symantec (77)

Comparably has lifted some-more than $12 million, with a many new turn entrance in during $7.25 million progressing this year. Since rising in Mar 2016, Comparably’s idea has been to yield some-more clarity and event in a workplace.

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