Published On: Tue, Feb 12th, 2019

Thea: The Awakening Sold "Noticeably Better" On Switch During Its First Week


We’ve listened countless indie developers speak about a startling sales they’ve managed to shelve adult on Switch in a past, with many anticipating that their games can strech sales milestones significantly quicker on Nintendo’s appurtenance than on other platforms. While that’s not always a case, currently brings nonetheless another Switch success story in a form of Thea: The Awakening.

In an talk with Ninty Gamer, developer MuHa Games has oral about a game’s initial week on sale on a platform. As a turn-based plan title, Thea: The Awakening potentially suffered to a certain grade by rising in a same week as a glorious (and some-more ordinarily talked about) Wargroove, though that hasn’t stopped it from outperforming early sales on opposition consoles.

“We can contend that Thea did noticeably improved in a initial week of sales on Switch than on other consoles. It’s utterly surprising, generally when we take into comment that reduction people possess Switch than Xbox One or PS4.

Additionally, we’ve schooled a bit too late that there was another plan pretension from a large publisher being expelled on a same day, such foe done a launch a bit some-more stressful.

Another indicate is that Thea is now ~3.5 years old, so it’s by no means a uninformed thing in a gaming world. All in all – a definitely startling start.”

You can examination a full talk here if you’re interested; MuHa Games also talks about how a Switch pier came into being, observant that removing a diversion “to bucket fast and work smoothly” was a categorical plea due to a Switch’s hardware limitations. Luckily, a dev says that a routine went quicker than expected, however, and was “totally painless”.

If you’re meddlesome in picking adult a duplicate of Thea: The Awakening for yourself, make certain to check out a full review.

Have we attempted this one yourself? Are we happy to see another certain Switch release? Share your thoughts with us in a comments.

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