Published On: Thu, Feb 27th, 2020

The Wonderful 101: Remastered Secures May Release On Nintendo Switch

@Grumblevolcano Thank you, we knew we could count on you, you’ve always been on tip of this stuff.

XC is utterly presumably a biggest diversion I’ve ever played, yet we don’t have 150 hours to put into it again, so I’m not looking brazen to it. And it’s as most as a pier as this is.

Pokemon port, W101 port, XC port. I’d be ok w/ that in year 1, ports make income to make new games, yet by year 3 a new console needs a diminutive bit more. Which I’m certain you’d determine w/.

XC:DE is substantially it though, no contrition it that we suppose, it’s great. Better not be a Gamestop disdainful though.

@patbacknitro18 Says we’ll get a ND in a subsequent few days. I’m not statute it out. Well I’m statute out this week, they’ll let us now early Japan time w/ 48 hours notice, yet it could still happen. I’ll still on a 3/3 train for a 3 year Switch anniversary that they could announce Friday or Monday w/ usually 24 hours notice. People are gonna remove their things if a subsequent Direct is another Nindie. Switch will be crushed and thrown out of windows.

Seems a small late to announce a AAA diversion for May anyway. But E3 is also too late for a new diversion in Aug and September. Apr could work we guess. But it improved be a best ND ever by then.

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