Published On: Fri, Mar 24th, 2017

The Witcher Creator: we Don’t Have Anything Against Games; we Was Stupid To Sell All The Rights to CDPR

The trend of bettering fantasy/sci-fi books to other media left some of a strange writers hidden in mystery, generally when a success of a instrumentation distant outshines a original.

That’s a box with The Witcher creator Andrzej Sapkowski. While he has been renouned in his home nation (Poland) for utterly some time, elsewhere in a universe really few knew about him and his books before CD Projekt RED combined a awfully successful video diversion saga.

He was quoted in a past mentioning his dislike of games. However, in a new talk published currently by Eurogamer, he wanted to set a record true on this topic:

It is not that we don’t like them, that we depreciate them. we only don’t play them! But we have zero opposite games, we have zero opposite gamers. Nothing.

The Witcher creator was honest adequate to acknowledge that he didn’t trust in CD Projekt RED’s success during first, that is since he motionless to sell all a rights for a bound sum instead of holding a share of a game’s profits.

I was foolish adequate to sell them rights to a whole bunch. They offering me a commission of their profits. we said, ‘No, there will be no distinction during all – give me all my income right now! The whole amount.’ It was stupid. we was foolish adequate to leave all in their hands since we didn’t trust in their success. But who could predict their success? we couldn’t.

Still, he concurred that CD Projekt RED deserves all a regard and advantages from a diversion instrumentation of The Witcher.

The diversion is finished really well. and they consequence all of a beneficiaries they get from it. They consequence it. The diversion is really good, good done, good done.

The Polish author finished on a rousing note for a fans of his books, observant that he will “absolutely” write another story in a universe of The Witcher.

Did we prepared Sapkowski’s books and if so, how would we review them to a games finished by CD Projekt RED?

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