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The Witcher 3 PC Patch 1.05 and PS4/Xbox One Patch 1.04 Coming Soon; Details Revealed | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Sun, May 31st, 2015

The Witcher 3 PC Patch 1.05 and PS4/Xbox One Patch 1.04 Coming Soon; Details Revealed

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt continues to get some-more rags to residence several issues, and we learn some-more information about a arriving patch 1.05 for PC and 1.04 for consoles.

Witcher 3 (1)

Community Coordinator Marcin Momot mentions that a repair for XP not being distributed scrupulously competence indeed come in a full patch 1.05 for PC, that will be expelled on Tuesday or Wednesday.

“That’s correct. It’s removing bound subsequent week. We were perplexing to recover a hotfix on Monday yet given a 1.05 on PC is entrance right after that, we competence only recover 1.05 and embody a XP repair in there as well. That will occur many expected Tuesday/Wednesday.

We do not stop working. We are perplexing to repair everything. Thank we for your understanding.”

Momot explains that a patch will repair many influenced quests, including a Pyres of Novigrad.

“1.05 is entrance after a weekend. This patch will residence infancy of bugged quests.”
“The Pyres of Novigrad query will be bound in a arriving patch, both on consoles and on PC. Sorry about a delay.”

Regarding consoles Momot mentioned that a subsequent patch for a PS4 should come between a week and a week and a half:

Momot states that a group hopes to take caring of a microstutter emanate with patch 1,04.

The emanate of display a wrong sum play time is being looked into.

The 30 frames per second close on Xbox One expelled with a 1.03 patch is bound and there’s no switch to deactivate it.

A new mod for a PC chronicle of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been done available, named E3FX that as a name suggests it tries to impersonate a E3 2013 trailer. You can check out and download a mod here.

Witcher 3 (15)

CD Projekt RED has finally expelled a new refurbish for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with a giveaway DLC on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. The refurbish includes a voluptuous new demeanour for Yennefer and a new goal for Geralt.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt had a biggest UK recover of a year so far, crashing Battlefield Hardline’s week one sales by 53 per cent. 63% of earthy sales were on a PlayStation 4, followed by 32% on a Xbox One and 5% on PC. The infancy of PC sales were digital though. On tip of that it seems that it managed to tip both a Steam and Green Man Gaming charts as well.

The diversion has perceived another patch and a patch records state an alleviation of a hardness digest peculiarity on High and Ultra settings.

The Witcher 3 Hunter’s Config is a good small apparatus charity easy entrance to graphical options, and it’s positively value a look.

Witcher 3 (12)

As we have formerly lonesome a few adjustments in a ini files can urge the grass peculiarity in The Witcher 3, as good as a performance. A workaround on how to run HairWorks on AMD GPUs but crippling performance, has also been done available, enabling AMD GPU users to suffer The Witcher 3 with HairWorks enabled, while removing improved opening than GeForce users not regulating a Maxwell design Nvidia GPU.

A set of beautiful 4K screenshots of a PC version and some 4K gameplay footage, demonstrates only how extraordinary The Witcher 3 can look.

The Witcher 3 is accessible for a PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We will move we any new information on The Witcher 3 as shortly as it becomes available.



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