Published On: Mon, Jun 12th, 2017

The Witcher 3 Getting an XB1X Patch; PS4 Pro Will Receive Something, Too

Amidst so many titles showcased during Microsoft’s E3 discussion with XB1X support, one kind of slipped divided from many eyes examination a briefing.

That’s CD Projekt RED’s epic RPG, The Witcher 3. While a diversion was never categorically mentioned, it was displayed on a sides among those that will accept an XB1X patch during some point. One could theory that a reason behind this cat-like exhibit is that a Polish studio is still operative on a specific enhancements they’ll be means to yield to Xbox One X owners.

This news was some-more than a small startling given CDPR formerly pronounced they had no skeleton to recover an refurbish for Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro console and that seemed to embody also Microsoft’s Project Scorpio console as a kind of association process for mid-generation hardware refreshes.

However, PS4 Pro users should not tatter too most as CD Projekt RED’s Community Lead Marcin Momot reliable that there won’t only be an XB1X patch for The Witcher 3 given a association is also operative on “something” for Sony’s extended PS4 console. More information will be suggested during a after date.

To be fair, it’s impractical to design possibly console to strech local 4K fortitude while progressing a fast 30FPS support rate. The Witcher 3 runs during 1080P@25-30FPS on a strange PlayStation 4 and for a time being, PS4 Pro’s Boost Mode delivers a some-more unchanging 30FPS. Obviously, a dedicated patch will make most improved use of a PS4 Pro’s hardware, yet removing 1440P@30FPS would already be a good improvement.

Perhaps a Xbox One X could run a diversion during 4K fortitude with techniques like checkerboard rendering. We’ll have to see what CD Projekt RED manages to do with a extended consoles done by Microsoft and Sony, yet clearly a PC will still horde a best probable graphics for a diversion – generally with mods like a HD Reworked Project being available.

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