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The Walking Dead A New Frontier Episode 4: Thicker Than Water Review – Family Comes First

After a three-month opening between a deteriorate premiere and part three, Telltale Games have astounded fans by releasing a fourth part of A New Frontier after reduction than a month. There will be spoilers for this part in this review, so come behind to this after once you’ve finished personification it. Entitled ‘Thicker Than Water’, this part focuses on family. Players will locate a glance of David before to a zombie outbreak, Javi’s attribute with Kate and Clementine’s ongoing hunt for AJ.

Episode 3 of A New Frontier resolved with Javi and David removing into an evidence with a other leaders during Richmond. It turns out Joan has been autocratic her infantry to raid other camps and take their supplies. When David confronts her about this, Joan argues it was David’s miss of care as Head of Security that caused this to happen. One of Joan’s henchmen advanced her story heading an barbarous David to fire a male roughly instantaneously. In further to this, a actor also finds out AJ might still be alive, giving Clementine an forgive to conduct behind to Richmond.

It was heavily pragmatic in a third episode’s final cutscene that there would be a shoot-out of some sort. You’d consider after this fight something sparkling would happen… unfortunately, this incited out not to be a case. Javi and David are imprisoned, with David being taken divided to plead his punishment in private. After all that build adult in part three, we suspicion this part would continue during this quick pace. There are copiousness of articulate points in this episode, it’s usually a contrition zero of them start in a initial forty minutes.

My favorite further to A New Frontier is a miss of filler in a form of tedious interactive scenes. Finally, Telltale have schooled where to trim a fat, permitting a developers to make any notation in an part count. Unlike a rest of a deteriorate so far, part 4 seems to have gained some weight, with Javi being forced to perform simple tasks in sequence to swell in a story. we don’t have a problem with some of a nonplus solving, as prolonged as it isn’t too prolonged winded, however my categorical dispute comes from being asked to open a door. There’s zero else to do, no nonplus to solve, no loading to mask, it’s usually there to give a apparition of choice.

Once again, Javi comes opposite as a father figure to both Gabe and Clementine in this episode. We are means to see Gabe’s transparent vigilant to be with his father, notwithstanding this being a some-more dangerous choice for him. It’s engaging to review Gabe to Clementine as she is already coping with a pressures of being a mom while struggling to understanding with puberty. Javi, notwithstanding not carrying any children of his own, does a good pursuit of perplexing to support both of these teenagers. It’s lovely to play as an adult in this array once again. As Clementine had small control over many situations in Season Two, players should now feel in control of a decisions that play out.

Choices in The Walking Dead have always been a indicate of row for many players. Telltale insist a choices players make in their games will impact a story, yet time and time again we are shown this is never indeed a case. On many occasions, this can be forgiven, yet A New Frontier is unrelenting on pulling a Javi-Kate relationship. Despite my best efforts to evade Kate, a writers clearly have something else in mind. Near a finish of a episode, Kate professes her adore to Javi that gives players a event to do a same. In my game, Javi done it unequivocally transparent that he wasn’t meddlesome in Kate, even in flashbacks, nonetheless in this part she still won’t take no for an answer. I’m certain it came as a warn to no one as she was afterwards killed usually moments later. There is no room for any other end other than ‘you adore me’ or ‘you are too frightened to acknowledge that we adore me’.

Recently there’s been a lot of contention per Telltale’s engine used for all of their games given 2012 and either it is good adequate these days. For a diversion designed to be like an interactive radio show, it is intolerable to see such incongruous animations during times. This wasn’t something we beheld most in a initial few episodes yet this latest one unequivocally highlights a engine’s limitations, quite as a lot of scenes engage a characters running. Aside from a series of scenes ruining a soak of a game, I’m happy to contend we didn’t have any technical issues with this latest episode.

Reviewed on PC. You can buy it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One around Amazon.

Much like a preceding part of Season Three, ‘Thicker Than Water’ is roughly an hour and a half. Although we would always cite if any part was rather longer, it felt as yet there was too most filler in this one. The opening episodes of Season Three felt like Telltale had set a good gait to a story, however now it feels as yet a developers are slipping behind into their aged ways. With usually one part left, there’s still copiousness to cover in this story. I’m looking brazen to saying how a story concludes, yet we can’t assistance yet feel rather unhappy by a predictability of a deteriorate so far. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too prolonged for a final episode.

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