Published On: Sun, May 13th, 2018

The UK and USA need to extend their “special relationship” to record development

The UK and a USA have always had an enduring bond, with diplomatic, informative and mercantile ties that have remained organisation for centuries.

We live in an epoch of surpassing change, and are vital with technologies set to change things ever faster. If Britain and America work together to rise these technologies for a good of mankind, in a approach that is open and free, nonetheless also protected and good for a citizens, we can say a tellurian lead a nations have enjoyed in a fields of innovation.

Over past months we have seen some really poignant strides brazen in this business relationship. All of a biggest US companies have done decisions to deposit in a UK. Apple is building a new HQ in a iconic Battersea Power Station, tighten to a new US embassy, while Google is building a billion dollar new HQ in a increasingly select King’s Cross. Facebook, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft are all fluctuating their operations, and a crowd of smaller US firms are basing their general domicile in London.

They are all entrance here since as we prepared to leave a EU we are building a brazen looking Britain that is open to a wider world, and tech is during a heart of this.

Similarly, there have been vital expansions or new investment from British firms into a US. Jaguar Land Rover, a UK’s largest automotive manufacturer, supports some-more than 9,000 jobs in a USA and have recently non-stop their new multimillion-dollar corporate North America HQ in New Jersey.  iProov, a heading British provider of biometric facial corroboration technology, became a initial general association to be awarded a agreement from a US Department of Homeland Security Science Technology Directorate’s Silicon Valley Innovation Program last month.

We wish to work with a tellurian partners – to share expertise, and inspire investment – as we strap record for a wider good. And that of march includes a aged crony and closest ally, a USA.

We have a good understanding to offer.

The UK was recently ranked a many AI prepared republic among all a OECD countries. In a past 3 years, new AI start-ups have been total in a UK on an roughly weekly basis.

Recently, UK supervision and attention together committed over $1 billion to support a AI sector, many of that will go towards entrepreneurs. Funding has been set aside to emanate a national network of tech incubators, that we’re job “Tech Nation”, that will support new AI businesses as they get off a ground.

We are also vehement by — and we am a organisation disciple for — a growth of blockchain and identical technologies. The UK is heading a approach in many areas where blockchain has a intensity to be used, such as Fintech. There are now some-more people operative in UK Fintech than in New York or in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia combined.

And we are venerable in a growth of immersive technologies, like Augmented and Virtual Reality, that demeanour set to radically urge many areas of life in entrance years, with applications as sundry as moody make-believe and surgical training techniques.

There is so many to be gained from tighten partnership between a dual countries on these new technologies and from pity a expertise.

Together, we can reap a mercantile advantages of hidden an early lead in their development. We guess that AI, for example, if widely adopted, could supplement $33 billion to a UK economy. But, maybe many importantly, we can also work together to build a clever regulatory and reliable frameworks for their wider application.

It is a purpose of governments opposite a world, a UK and US included, to set frameworks for these decentralised, cranky limit systems so we can conduct their use in a protected and effective way.

Our aim should be to strap a energy and capability of record though always for a advantage of, and in use to a populace.

We in a UK are avowedly pro-tech, always seeking to put a energy in a hands of a citizens.

We have all schooled profitable lessons from a new scandals per information use, many recently around Facebook’s use of data.

We wish to build a complement that protects and cherishes a leisure of a Internet while safeguarding a rights of individuals, and their property, including egghead property.

We wish to see leisure in a framework; where a tech entrepreneurs have a space to innovate, meaningful they do so with full open trust. Trust underpins a clever economy, and trust in information underpins a clever digital economy.

So in a UK we are building a Digital Charter, to determine norms and manners for a online universe and put them into practice. Our starting indicate is that what is unsuitable offline should not be tolerated in a online world. That includes how tech companies provide private adults and use their data, as good as how people provide any other online.

Important changes like these can't be concluded by one nation alone. It is some-more critical than ever that we work together and find common belligerent so we can make certain that tech continues to change a universe for a better. Based on a mutual adore of leisure and particular rights Britain and America have by story risen to hurdles together. we resolutely trust operative together we can build that brighter future.

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