Published On: Wed, Jun 7th, 2017

The Surge HDR PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro Update Detailed; Tweaks And Fixes Also Included

The Surge – Update 53172 (P4) / 33503 (SVN)


HDR functionality added.

A kill switch symbol multiple for players being stranded has been combined (Press ‘LB’, ‘LT’, ‘RB’, ‘RT’, ‘LS’ and ‘RS’ during a same time) – Please usually use this when your impression is stuck.

Added an choice to connect jumping/ducking from restraint to a left hang (when regulating a controller)

Bug Fixes

Player will be means to retard many attacks. This refers to rivalry attacks that were usually means to be ducked or hopped, that before to a change abandoned blocking. You will now be means to retard these attacks, though they devour some-more stamina than ‘standard’ attacks.

Fixed some pointless crashes triggered by accessing shabby memory

It is now easier to substitute enemies regulating light, faster-hitting weapons.

Removed Exploits where a actor could accept total Tech Scrap by switching a UI while dismantling objects

Potential pointless pile-up in a animation system

TDR crashes on Kepler GPUs (Nvidia 7## and 6## series)

Fixed holes in collision where a actor could get stuck

Correctly request tumble repairs when doing a plunging/jumping attack

The staff wielding confidence guards will no longer resist counterattacks and backstabs

Always request a scold repairs from opposite attacks following from ducking underneath or jumping over rivalry attacks

Fixed a function when contracting aim switching to a right stick

Properly store a symbol imagery configured in a options menu

Properly annul 100% poisonous repairs when wearing a Liquidator armor set

Enemy super armor was not dwindling scrupulously in some cases after a fibre of discerning unbroken hits

Fixed turn transition elevators that were no longer accessible after failing in a relocating elevator

Fixed respawn positions of a actor on turn transition elevators that caused players descending into their genocide immediately after loading a savegame

Loot drops of a smelting machines are now saved in a turn so it can be collected even when failing after defeating a smelting machine

Fixed an emanate where a “Big Sister” feat did not clear scrupulously after murdering a Big Sister 1/3

Mapping a evasion symbol to Circle will no longer means a actor to evasion each time a actor “backs out” of a diversion menu.

Possible pile-up when withdrawal New Game+ during a commencement and starting a new game.

Gameplay blocker if a actor does not collect a Security Exo-Rig after destroying a case. This will also repair damaged saves.

Various AR elements should no longer seem in a wrong locations.

Counter attacks on worker enemies are no longer interrupted when regulating a Single-rigged weapon.

Closed doorway in Resolve Biolabs now opens correctly. This will also repair damaged saves.

Using an make that is on cooldown in a same impulse an rivalry is finished will no longer means a repeating blunder message.

Fixed issues where armor equipment were incompetent to be versed in New Game+.

Hobbs no longer asks for assistance after a actor has helped him.

Player can no longer get stranded during certain stairs in a tunnels of Resolve Biolabs.

Player can no longer aim a top partial of PAX while PAX is station up.

Sorting equipment by ‘Newest’ now works properly.

Removed Quicksave/Quickload bindings.


The values for health associated implants have been practiced to tumble some-more in line with a desired/projected actor health course (more health).

The repairs of a lamp ranged conflict of a Nano mass rivalry has been reduced.

The windup of a lamp conflict has been increased.

Reduced a volume of a ‘secret anticipating implant’ – even some-more so when regulating a controller and rumble is enabled.

Deactivate a ‘secret anticipating implant’ in a medbay.

Implants extenuation a arms inclination turn prerogative now also extend a inclination prerogative reward so it becomes some-more viable to turn adult some-more than one arms type.

Added an choice to connect jumping/ducking from restraint to a left hang (when regulating a controller).

Tweaked hitboxes of a staff wielding confidence guards’ attacks.

Tweaked hitboxes of some enemies wielding forklift weapons.

Tweaked hitboxes of some enemies wielding dual handed weapons.

Tweaked a timings for a ideal retard window for a player.

Improved function of a Security Guard.

The song in Ops will no longer play after a actor has died and respawned.

Improved function of a Black Cerberus when his attacks are blocked.

Elevator positions have been practiced to equivocate watchful for an conveyor after dying.

Proximity Sensor no longer emits a beeping sound when an rivalry is locked.

Character is now inaccessible for a brief time after a finishing pierce is finished.

Increased a generation of a stamina clean triggered when collecting adequate Tech Scrap to be value a turn up.

Reduced a stamina cost for ceaselessly blocking.

Increased a time for a continual retard stamina cost to begin.

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