Published On: Thu, Jun 4th, 2020

The Sonos Arc is an superb soundbar, on the possess or with friends

Sonos has been releasing new hardware during a remarkably unchanging and visit gait a past confederate of years, and what’s even some-more considerable is that these new releases are consistently glorious performers. The new Sonos Arc soundbar unequivocally fits that pattern, delivering a company’s best ever home museum sound device with opening that should modify even doctrinaire 5.1 traditionalists.


The Sonos Arc is a soundbar that’s designed to confederate wirelessly with your Sonos home audio system, as good as usurpation audio from your TV or A/V receiver around HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC). Just about each complicated TV should have during slightest one HDMI ARC port, and fundamentally that usually means that in further to behaving as a customary HDMI submit for video sources, it can also offer audio outlay to a connected orator or stereo system.

The Arc also comes with an HDMI to visual digital audio adapter in box your setup lacks ARC support (if a TV doesn’t have that, it roughly certainly has a TOSLINK digital audio outlay port) to cover all a bases. It also works as a wireless orator that connects around Sonos’ dedicated filigree networking tech to other Sonos speakers we might have, so that it’s one some-more addressable multi-room orator in a whole home wireless audio setup.

Arc can also be total with other Sonos speakers, including a Sonos Sub, as good as Sonos One, One SL, Play:1 and others for environment adult a some-more finish wireless 5.1 setup with a subwoofer and dual rears. That’s an discretionary enhancement, however, and not compulsory to take advantage of a Sonos Arc’s glorious practical approximate rendering, that with this new hardware also includes Dolby Atmos approximate sound encoding for a initial time on a Sonos soundbar.


The Sonos Arc unequivocally comes from a complicated pattern extraction that Sonos has put into a hardware releases given a entrance of a Sonos One, that means monoblock coloring (in possibly black or white), well-spoken lines and dull hole griddle designs that demeanour a lot some-more contemporary than a contrariety tone grills on a Play:1 for example.

Arc looks like a devout inheritor to a Sonos Beam, a initial Sonos soundbar to underline a built-in mic and support for practical voice assistants including Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. But it’s also a lot incomparable than a Sonos Beam during 45″ prolonged – many some-more like a Sonos Playbar and Playable that noted a company’s entrance into a category.

For a clarity of how prolonged it is, it runs roughly a full length of my LG 65″ C7 OLED TV. It’s also a bit taller than a Sonos Beam, entrance in during 3.4″. For my use, that was still brief adequate that it doesn’t problematic any of a TV’s arrangement when it’s sitting on a TV dais in front of a radio from my unchanging observation angle, though your mileage might vary, and if we had a identical setup with a Beam, usually note that you’ll need a bit some-more clearway with a Arc.

The incomparable stretch isn’t usually for uncover – it helps Sonos smoothness many improved sound vs. a lower-priced Beam. Inside a Arc, there are 11 drivers, including dual upwards-facing ones, and dual that face out possibly finish of a prolonged cylindrical soundbar. The finish outcome of all of these drivers, and a loyal stretch subdivision that’s done probable by a prolonged profile, is many some-more effective left/right/rear sound separation.

On a back, there’s a opening bar that provides additional sound peculiarity improvements and binds a ascent outlets for attaching a Arc to a concordant wall mount. Either wall-mounted or resting atop furniture, a Arc is an appealing square of hardware, and with usually dual cables compulsory to run to energy and a TV, it’s a minimal resolution to home museum confusion that should filigree good with many home decor.


I mentioned this quickly above, though it’s extraordinary what a Sonos Arc can accomplish in terms of sound subdivision and practical approximate soak with usually a singular speaker. It’s simply a best sound digest I’ve gifted from a Sonos soundbar, and expected a best audio peculiarity from a soundbar I’ve heard, period.

Stereo sound margin contrast shows that audio marks unequivocally good left-to-right, and a Dolby Atmos support unequivocally shows a advantages when we have calm that offers it. Speech clarity is also unequivocally illusory on a soundbar alone, given with a Beam, I’ve found that it can humour in some situations unless we have a Sonos Sub combined to your complement to take caring of a low finish frequencies and concede a soundbar to furnish improved clarity on a high end.

The Arc unequivocally advantages from pairing it with a Sonos Sub and other Sonos speakers behaving as rears, though a soundbar on a possess is a many improved performer than anything Sonos has formerly offered, in box you’re looking to save some income or we usually wish to concentration on a many minimal sound setup probable that isn’t usually terrible built-in TV speakers.

Sonos has also enclosed a microphone on a Arc, that allows we to use it with possibly Alexa or Google Assistant to play music, spin on a TV, and do copiousness more. It’s a good underline that’s optional, if you’d rather leave a mic off or not bond any assistants, and for me it’s ideally matched to a device that radically sits during a core of a vital room experience. The mic seems really means to collect adult commands even in a vast room when you’re utterly distant divided from it, so it could be a usually voice-enabled intelligent orator we need in even a vast open-concept living/dining/kitchen space.

The Arc also acts as an Apple AirPlay 2 orator out of a box, that means we can use it wireless. For minimalists, this is nonetheless another offered point, given it means we can use it wirelessly with an Apple TV mounted to a behind of your TV for instance – ridding yourself of one some-more handle if we want. It’s also super easy to tide any song or audio from your phone to a Arc as a result, even though opening adult a Sonos app.

The updated Sonos app

Speaking of that app, a Sonos Arc is exclusively concordant with Sonos’ new, stirring mobile app, that arrives on Jun 8. This app will live alongside a existent one, that will continue to be accessible in sequence to support older, bequest Sonos hardware that won’t work with a some-more complicated version.

This new Sonos app, that we used as a beta during a contrast duration for a Sonos Arc, is not as thespian a change as we was expecting. The app unequivocally offers a better, cleaner and some-more complicated interface, though all is still located flattering many where you’d design it to be if we were a user of a existent version. Most of a changes are substantially function underneath a hood, where a app is presumably designed to work with a some-more complicated chipsets, aloft memory and updated wireless record of some-more recently-released Sonos speakers and accessories.

Long story short, a new app is a pleasant, uninformed take on a informed control complement that seems both some-more performant and aesthetically improved matched to complicated Sonos speakers like a Arc. Even in beta, it didn’t give me any problems during my dual weeks contrast a Arc, and worked ideally with all my services and voice assistants.

Bottom line

The Sonos Arc is unequivocally a reward soundbar, with a $799 cost tab and good audio peculiarity to match. It’s a illusory inheritor to a Playbar and Playbase that exceeds both of those in each regard, and a good messenger to a Beam that means Sonos’ home museum lineup now offers glorious options for a operation of budgets.

If we wish a best, many versatile and well-designed wireless soundbar available, a Sonos Arc is a orator for you.

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