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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Rounded Up; Exynos 8895, Dual Camera, Iris Recognition & Better Displays

It’s time to accumulate all that has flush on a Galaxy S8 to date. Samsung’s in a bit of a rut after a Note 7’s gloomy exit. The company’s had utterly some time to ready a device, generally as rumors of a behind launch surface. Rumors for a device are also abundant. Want to know more? Take a demeanour next to find out more.

The Samsung Galaxy S8; Design, Display, Specifications, Software, Price Launch Date

A lot of information has flush for a Galaxy S8 so far. The ubiquitous hype around city is that Samsung will severely renovate a device. It’s approaching to make adult for a Note 7’s failure, that unhappy a lot of constant fans. The association looks to benefit a repute behind with a S8. It’s also a good year for smartphones in general, with 10nm processors set to finally seem in high finish devices. So, let’s start from hardware and performance.


We’ve got some large claims w.r.t a Galaxy S8’s performance. For starters, a device will underline a Snapdragon 835. The processor will be done on 10nm and underline a company’s Kryo 280 cores. These will come in an octa core arrangement, an boost over a Snapdragon 820. The processor will also have dual L2 cache sets, with capacities of 2.4 and 1.2MB for a high opening and low opening clusters respectively. Finally, 80% of a processor’s time will be spent regulating a reduce clocked cluster. The ‘big’ pattern will also be 20% faster and optimized for bucket times, web browsing and VR apps.

Speaking VR, it’ll be a vital partial of a Galaxy S8. To support this, several reports explain that a device will come make-up 6GB of RAM. The stats for a 835 have also been rumored for a S8, with a device to be 20% some-more energy fit and and 11% faster than a Galaxy S7. Qualcomm also done a large bitch on a X16 modem, also approaching to make it on a Galaxy S8. The indication will be Cat. 16 and support adult to 1Gbps in download speeds. It’s a good number, even as a networks don’t support it as of now. The Adreno, for a partial will support all a renouned VR and API platforms. It will also be means to arrangement adult to 107 million colors.

But that’s all information associated to a Snapdragon 835. Per custom, Samsung should also launch a various of a Galaxy S8 that runs a possess in-house Exynos processors. The Korean tech hulk has stepped adult a processor diversion over a years and amidst a Note 7’s fiasco, there’s been small concentration on a Exynos 8895; Samsung’s approaching processor for 2017. The small information that has flush so distant suggests that it will be done on a company’s possess 10nm process. A trickle behind in Sep suggests that a 8895 will be means to strech speeds of 3.0GHz and have energy expenditure of 5w. a detached trickle suggests that we’ll see dual variants of a processor, a Exynos 8895M and 8895V. Which of these will make it on a S8? We’ll find out shortly enough.


Display is a one underline that’s rumored to set a Galaxy S8 detached from a pack. Samsung’s got a resources during palm to furnish some of a best smartphone displays in a world. True to form, a S8 will make vital improvements during this end. Samsung will serve labour a ‘Edged’ pattern on a device, with smallest importance on altogether bezels. As shown in a picture above (courtesy Pocket Lint), not usually will a side edges see serve refinement, though a tip and bottom bezels for a S8 will also be remarkably thin.

Specifications wise, there will be dual configurations for a smartphone. Samsung will launch a Galaxy S8 in sizes of 5.7 and 6.1 inches respectively, according to leaks. Resolutions adult to 4K and UHD for a device have also been rumored for a device. With a battery upgrades on a Snapdragon 835, and Samsung’s improvements over a year, we finally competence see these displays turn a normal for a flagship. A note of counsel though; a Korean tech hulk suffered utterly a to since of batteries on a Note 7. So pattern pattern and battery constraints to play a poignant partial in a device’s altogether design, that we’ll plead after as well.


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