Published On: Mon, Apr 8th, 2019

The Padre Will Scare You Silly On Switch, If It Doesn’t Make You Laugh First

The Padre, a retro-stylised 3D horror-adventure diversion desirous by classics of a genre.

We’ve got some info for we below, taken directly from a game’s press release, yet we’d also titillate we to give a trailer during a tip of a essay a watch. As good as display off some gameplay footage, it talks we by what we can design to find in a game. There’s a good comedic turn in play here, with a protagonist wittering divided to himself as he explores.

“On a route of a mislaid cardinal, The Padre shortly finds himself alone and but his demon-slaying collection inside a dull palace where a incomparable abnormal energy is during play. But fear not! The dim and distinguished atmosphere is mostly cut by a disagreeable amusement of a smart Padre.

You will need to use your smarts to solve severe puzzles, as good as your brawns to deflect off monsters, all while perplexing to uncover a mysteries of a palace and your possess dim past.

Be heedful though, if we destroy adequate times a permanent GAME OVER!”

The Padre will launch on 18th Apr for $19.99 / 19.99€ / £15.49, accessible directly from a Nintendo Switch eShop.

Do we like what we see? WIll we give it a go? Give us a trepidation in a comments below.

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