Published On: Wed, Aug 12th, 2020

The Oura Ring is a personal health tracking device to kick in 2020

The Oura Ring has been removing a lot of courtesy newly since of a purpose in a series of COVID-19 studies, as good as a adoption by both a NBA and WNBA as a intensity apparatus for assisting forestall any outbreaks of a novel coronavirus as those dual leagues get behind to a unchanging report of play. Oura has expelled mixed generations of a Ring, that is a health and aptness tracker that reports a operation of data, and I’ve spent a past month regulating one to see what all a bitch is about.

The basics

The Oura Ring is a health tracker that’s distinct only about any other wearable with a identical purpose. It’s a ring that’s probably uncelebrated from an tangible ring yet any intelligent features, accessible in a integrate of opposite designs and mixed finishes. The Ring has sensors located on a inside surface, yet these hardly supplement to a altogether density and are totally dark when a ring is worn.

Despite a tiny distance and low profile, a Oura Ring is still a connected device, with an middle battery, and a ability to speak to a smartphone around Bluetooth to broadcast a information a sensors collect. In a box, we also get a USB-C mount for a Oura Ring that powers it adult around initiation charging.

The built-in battery is good for adult to 7 days of continual use – and that includes wearing a Oura Ring during sleep. During my usage, that seemed to be an accurate estimate. In general, though, a battery life only seemed to be ‘long enough,’ call me not to unequivocally consider about specific spans, and charging is so discerning that it’s easy to only remember to put it on a wharf spasmodic when it’s accessible (I would mostly do this during a work day while during my desk, where we keep a Oura dock). Oura’s app also sends useful notifications to remind we to assign before bed when you’re removing tighten to a finish of your ring’s battery life.


Oura’s pattern for this many new iteration of their Ring is illusory – both as only a square of jewelry, and doubly so as a connected health and activity tracker. It’s accessible in dual styles, called “Balance” and “Heritage,” both of that come in mixed lead finishes. There’s a discriminating china and shimmer black choice for both, while “Balance” has a premium-priced chronicle with inlaid diamonds, and “Heritage” has a matte black finish choice (which we reviewed).

All a several finishes ore done of a lightweight titanium, with a molded cosmetic middle to strengthen a sensors and yield clarity for them to work. The extraneous finishes are all coated with a scratch-resistant outdoor covering – yet only like with only about any other steel jewelry, scratch-resistant isn’t blemish proof. The matte black finish we reviewed is really display some wear and rip after mixed weeks of use, yet that’s something we was entirely expecting, and it’s surprisingly volatile given how mostly it comes in hit with other steel surfaces, mill and whatever else we come in hit with on a daily basis. The teenager blemishes that seem lend it a appreciative patina, rather than negatively impacting a aesthetics, in my opinion.

The Oura Ring is also bound in terms of sizing and fit, and a association has come adult with a crafty approach to hoop ensuring a good fit for customers. They offer a giveaway sizing pack that they boat out initial so that we can figure out that Oura distance is many comfortable, and confirm on that finger we wish to wear it. Size is critical since we wish a Oura Ring to fit snugly adequate that it won’t tumble off or change around too much, yet also not too snugly that it becomes uncomfortable.

Ultimately, a pattern is illusory since it’s both an appealing ring, and an impossibly gentle device to wear all day – and by a night. Unlike even an Apple Watch or other wrist-worn wearable, there’s probably no composition compulsory for removing used to wearing it while sleeping, or any annoy from several forms of bands. It’s a initial wearable I’ve used where we truly was means to forget that we was wearing one during all, and it’s one that no one else will comprehend you’re wearing, either.

Features and performance

So what does a Oura Ring indeed track? A lot of things, actually. It measures sleep, as mentioned, as good as several other metrics underneath dual other extended categories: Readiness, and Activity. Sleep, Readiness and Activity all yield one altogether outline measure out of 100 to give we a topline clarity of where you’re at, yet any is indeed distributed from a operation of sub-metrics that supplement adult to that incomparable score.

Oura’s nap tracking is many some-more in-depth than a stirring Apple Watch nap tracking that Apple is releasing with a subsequent watchOS refurbish in a fall. It monitors when we go to sleep, how prolonged we sleep, how many of that qualifies as “deep” and how many is “REM,” and gives we a metric or we nap efficiency, your time in bed, your sum nap time and more. Readiness marks your ambient physique temperature, heart rate variability, respiratory rate and your resting heart rate, while activity automatically measures calorie burn, dead time, we stairs and how tighten we are to your altogether activity goal.

Image Credits: Darrell Etherington

For all 3 of these categories, we can dive into any particular sub-metric and see trends over time or particular scores per day, yet we can also only demeanour during a altogether score, that is supposing in a feed-like dashboard in a app and accompanied by practical, actionable advise about what to do with your day, your activity or your nap habits formed on that measure and how it’s trending.

It’s during once both a easiest to know health tracking app I’ve used, and also one of those with a many abyss when it comes to digging into what is indeed being tracked, and what that means in larger detail. And since a app focuses heavily on substantiating a baseline and afterwards monitoring deviations from that baseline and providing recommendation formed on that, it’s some-more expected to be useful and privately applicable to you.

Bottom line

With many wearable tech, including a Apple Watch, we intermittently have a arrange of middle rebel where we finish adult anticipating them too many of an intrusion, or too many of a con to say continual use. With a Oura Ring, health self-monitoring reaches a ideal apex of mixing convenience, with useful and actionable information, with an unimportant and appealing pattern that indeed creates me wish to put it on.

The jury stays out on either a Oura Ring can indeed accurately detect COVID-19 or expect a conflict of a symptoms, yet regardless, it’s a illusory personal health tracking device and a good apparatus for anyone looking to take some-more control over how they feel on a daily basis. And by actively substantiating an particular baseline and comparing your tangible altogether state to that each day, Oura provides one of a best intensity platforms for long-term personal wellness discernment out there.

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