Published On: Sat, Aug 5th, 2017

The Nokia 8 Surfaces On GeekBench; Sports Android 8 And Under Clocked Snapdragon 835

As we rigging adult towards a launch, a Nokia 8 has started to turn a core square of HMD associated leaks. The association will launch twin tip tiered smartphones this year. Out of these, a Nokia 8 is approaching to launch in usually 10 days. A integrate of days back, images of a smartphone in bullion surfaced, sporting an unprepared silken exterior. Now, it’s starting to demeanour like that silken extraneous will not be a device’s usually mount out feature. Take a demeanour subsequent to find out more.

The Nokia 8 Surfaces On GeekBench With The MSM8998 And A Surprise Android 0

With some-more brands, a flagship globe in mobile has started to dilute. We’ve got twin categories of smartphones now, differentiated minutely critical specifications. The Pixel/Pixel XL, iPhone X/X Plus, Samsung SX/SX/Note X and even a LG G6 and rumored LG V30. So it’s no warn for HMD, a comparatively new entrant, to follow identical fit with a Nokia 8 and a Nokia 9. Out of a pair, it’s a Nokia 8 that a association will launch in reduction than twin weeks.

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There’s a lot of information accessible on a smartphone already. For starters, a association posted a smartphone’s describe on a Chinese website before holding it down. If we don’t caring about a stream ‘bare smallest bezel’ trend going on these days, a smartphone will not defect you. The Nokia 9 will underline a Snapdragon 835 on a thick bezeled smartphone, a initial for a year. That however, will not be a device’s usually surprise.

According to this GeekBench listing, a Nokia 8 usually competence lift Android O. While unlikely, it’d be a ideal pierce for Google to make if it wants to finish some really specific speak in town. Ever given Mountain View laid a special importance on Apple during a Pixel/Pixel XL launch final year, a lot of folks have claimed that it wants to obey a latter. Android 8 will underline a lot of upgrades during a finish too. Google’s subsequent program ascent will underline Inverted Themes, Home Screen Notification Badges, Wide App Color Gamut and a horde of other neat fixes.

The Nokia 8, will underline a Snapdragon 835, if today’s benchmark is accurate. Earlier rumors for a smartphone to underline a Snapdragon 660 make some-more sense. It’ll yield HMD with copiousness of relocating room with a Nokia 9. The smartphone will underline a 12MP front camera, Carl Zeiss lenses, a 2K arrangement and 13MP back twin cameras advise rumors. Sounds like a good aspirant for LG’s arriving V30. Thoughts? Let us know what we consider in a comments territory subsequent and stay tuned. We’ll keep we updated on a latest.


Source: GeekBench

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