Published On: Fri, Aug 28th, 2015

The Next iPhone May Come With Animated Wallpapers

It would seem that a next-gen iPhone might come with some combined flare.

Sources told 9to5mac that a UI for a iPhone 6S might come with charcterised wallpapers, not distinct a charcterised watch faces that shipped with a Apple Watch.


Those sources pronounced that charcterised wallpapers could embody charcterised fish in a koi pond, as good as ‘colorful arrays of smoke.’

Given that many Android lovers quote ‘customization’ as a source of their loyalty, it creates clarity that Apple would offer even some-more options for users to compute their iPhones.

Last night, a print was leaked of a iPhone 6S Plus packaging, that decorated a koi fish floating on a white box. Though a print is generally rough and unreliable, 9to5Mac seems to trust that a design is serve justification of a charcterised wallpapers rumor.

At a same time, 9to5Mac is hedging their bets observant “the animation facilities in contrast could have eventually been forsaken from a final iPhone 6S launch.”

The subsequent era iPhones are approaching to be denounced during an Apple eventuality on Sep 9.

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