Published On: Wed, May 24th, 2017

The Next Housemarque Games Might Not Be In The Top-Down or Side-Scrolling Genres

Finnish indie studio Housemarque managed to carve for itself a niche: creation some of a best top-down and/or side-scrolling games accessible on a market.

After Dead Nation, Housemarque kept releasing high-quality titles like Super Stardust Delta, Resogun and Alienation. The group is now operative on PlayStation 4 disdainful Matterfall as good as Nex Machina, a initial Housemarque diversion to also launch on PC in a prolonged time.

Speaking with GamesIndustry, though, CEO Ilari Kuittinen hinted that a studio competence emanate something opposite after those titles.

The subsequent games that we are operative on are not unequivocally that kind of game. It’s going to be something opposite from us, after a games we’re removing out now… In ubiquitous terms, a problem competence be that a bigger assembly competence be awaiting something else than a top-down or side-scrolling diversion – let’s put it that way.

Most of a games have been disdainful to several PlayStation platforms – not all of them, though most. But we can see a need to diversify, and we consternation if there is still respirating space for a games that we do.

While genre fans competence be upset, I’d unequivocally adore to see what Housemarque can do other than top-down and side-scrolling shooters.

Meanwhile, Nex Machina has been recently reliable for a Jun 20th recover date on PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4. In a game, grown in partnership with Eugene Jarvis of Robotron 2048 and Smash TV fame, humans have spin deeply contingent on technology, while around them, machines have reached alertness and surpassed tellurian comprehension ten-fold. The machines spin on their creators and make it their goal to exterminate tellurian life.

Nex Machina facilities bomb classical arcade gameplay, while creation full use of today’s record to element rarely grown twin-stick play. Local commune mode is also included.

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