Published On: Sat, Aug 5th, 2017

The subsequent Apple Watch reportedly won’t need an iPhone for data

The Apple Watch is one sharp square of engineering — though it’s not though a faults. Amongst other things: If we wish to leave your phone during home, your smartwatch is unexpected a good bit reduction smart. Without an iPhone nearby, it can’t lift information — be it messages or song — over a dungeon networks.

According to a latest whispers out of a gossip mill, that competence be about to change.

Bloomberg (with a byline headed by a frequently spot-on Mark Gurman) is stating that Apple is operative on a Watch with built-in LTE (compliments of a chip from Intel), with skeleton to recover a indication by year’s end.

“But why?!” we ask. “Doesn’t everybody lift their phone 90 percent of a time?”

Sure — though that’s since we have to, else risk dropping off a radar and incidentally creation everybody consider we’re dead. Being means to leave a phone during home for trips to a beach, or a gym* or while out on runs is a good perk.

(* a gym being quite notable as Apple moves to bond a Watch directly to gym apparatus to lane your stats)

Of course, rumors like this don’t cocktail adult though lifting a few questions:

  • Battery life? The Apple Watch battery life has gotten improved over time, though it’s still not mind-blowing. The further of dungeon connectivity isn’t going to make it any better; what’s changing here to compensate? John Gruber suggests Apple has been tinkering with a new form factor; does that somehow embody room for a bigger battery?
  • Will a LTE chip be in all new Apple Watch models, or only a higher-end ones? Given Apple’s story of creation it a reward choice in iPads, it might good be a latter.
  • Will carriers need a apart devise if we wish your Apple Watch to get data, or can Apple remonstrate them to offer some arrange of understanding that taps your existent information bucket?

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