Published On: Wed, May 13th, 2020

The new Aug Wi-Fi Smart Lock is now available, and it’s a connected intelligent close to beat

It’s been a few years given Aug introduced any new hardware, yet a Aug Wi-Fi Smart Lock, that it debuted during CES this year, is now available. This is a new flagship in a Aug lineup, replacing a Aug Smart Lock Pro as a latest and biggest feature-packed connected tighten from a company, and it brings an softened pattern along with built-in Wi-Fi. August’s existent thatch are a marketplace leaders in easy acclimatisation kits for existent thumbturn deadbolts, and a Aug Wi-Fi Smart Lock improves on that repute in each way.


The Aug Wi-Fi Smart Lock has a good pattern extraction already, given a association was creatively co-founded by Yves Béhar. Béhar spearheaded a pattern of this era as well, and a outcome is a demeanour that is recognizably August, yet with upgraded looks and appreciative improvements, too. The satin nickel finish on my examination hardware looked good and reward (it also comes in black), and a textured outdoor corner feels good when branch a tighten to manually lock/unlock. There’s now a somewhat lifted “pointer” to yield a discerning visible indicator of possibly a doorway is sealed or unlocked, as well.

The biggest pattern change contra a Aug Smart Lock Pro, however, is that it’s utterly a bit smaller. Aug says it’s 45% smaller by volume, in fact, and 20% slimmer front to back, and a distance assets unequivocally show. The rather vast measure of a Smart Lock Pro meant that it wasn’t means to be commissioned on some doors, so there’s a practical, organic advantage to a change, yet it also only looks a lot nicer and is reduction expected to hang out among a rest of your home decor.

The smaller pattern was done probable notwithstanding a inclusion of Wi-Fi built-in, partly given of a switch to CR2 batteries, that are a lot reduction common than a AAs used by a Smart Lock Pro, yet that we should still be means to find flattering simply during a drugstore or around Amazon.

Size aside, a pattern still provides a great, easy to use primer spin for physically unlocking and locking your door. The implement routine is also still unequivocally easy, even if you’re not quite handy. Aug even provides paint-safe fasten in a box for securing a other side of your tighten while we mislay a ride plate, and a app gives we easy instructions for relating a right enclosed distance adapter depending on your deadbolt manufacturer. Replacing my possess ride spin took about 5 mins start to finish.


The whole indicate of August’s record is that it provides a approach to tighten and clear your doorway with your phone. With a Aug Wi-Fi Smart Lock, that’s a lot reduction difficult than it has been in a past, given it has Wi-Fi built-in. Previous Aug thatch relied exclusively on Bluetooth, and compulsory that we also squeeze and possess a apart Connect dongle, that plugs into a customary wall socket, to bond to a tighten itself around Bluetooth and act as a overpass to your Wi-Fi network.

Doing divided with a need for a Connect means we bond a Wi-Fi Smart Lock to your network during setup, and afterwards it’s reachable anywhere regulating a Aug smartphone app. You can simply daub to tighten and clear a doorway so prolonged as we have an active information connection, and we can do a lot some-more besides, including extenuation others access.

August allows we to sustenance practical keys to friends around email (they’ll be asked to register for an comment if they don’t have one). This is a renouned underline for Airbnb hosts, given we can also devaluate accede once we no longer wish someone to have access. It’s also good for vouchsafing in neighbors to feed your pets (once transport is an choice again, of course) and for giving family an easy approach to check in. Plus, we can share it with other members of your households and make them owners for top-level entrance and controls, as well.

You can also set a Aug Wi-Fi Smart Lock to automatically tighten once we tighten a door, possibly immediately or after a set time that we can customize. This works regulating DoorSense, that is facilitated by a captivating sensor that Aug includes in a box and that we implement in your doorway support on setup.

Auto-unlock for me has worked many of a time, yet we have had a few occasions where on returning, we get a “Welcome home” presentation from a Aug app, yet a doorway doesn’t indeed clear and we have to do so by opening a app and dire a button. In general, however, it works well, and is a good advantage when we lapse home with your arms full of groceries, for instance.


The Aug Wi-Fi Smart Lock brings an updated pattern and integrated Wi-Fi, yet it doesn’t change many in terms of a core functionality of August’s before locks, and it also seems to be during slightest a compare for before generations when it comes to reliability. Using a app, we was consistently means to both tighten and clear a door, both within and outward of a home.

August also offers formation with voice assistants, including Alexa, Google Home and HomeKit. These we found a bit some-more unreliable, with during slightest one tangible unsuccessful clear try around HomeKit. But altogether they also achieved mostly well, with a bit some-more loiter than doing things around a Aug app directly. You’re also means to clear around voice command, yet a app wisely army we to register an authorisation formula to strengthen opposite manipulation, like someone perplexing to scream during Alexa by your doorway to clear a unit.

August also offers a choice to accept pull presentation about tighten and clear events, and stores a whole story of a lock’s usage, including doorway open and sealed status, manual/automatic/remote locking and unlocking events and more. It’s a good approach to say assent of mind about who’s accessing your home, when and how.

Bottom line

August has a prolonged story of building connected locks, and a repute has warranted it both accolades and a 2017 merger by heading general tighten builder Assa Abloy, that operates a series of brands, including Yale. This is a initial tighten that it has launched given that acquisition, and it’s a earnest indicator that a understanding hasn’t dulled their corner when it comes to August-branded product development. This is a good intelligent lock, with quick and easy designation and ergonomic, visually appreciative pattern and extended compatibility. Its auto-lock and clear facilities unequivocally change a approach we go about all from using errands to walking a dog — it’s startling how many a small preference can make even a many paltry tasks some-more pleasant.

The Aug Wi-Fi Smart Lock is accessible for $249.99 around and Best Buy, and will enhance accessibility to additional retailers commencement May 17.

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