Published On: Wed, May 20th, 2020

The poser of RGV2cw, Microsoft’s intensely nerdy tip summary to developers

When he was still using Microsoft, Steve Ballmer caused utterly a stir in a tech universe by screaming “Developers! Developers! Developers!” Since a executive late to spend some-more time with his basketball team, however, a tech giant’s stream CEO is decidedly more…subtle in his approach.

In a kickoff keynote to a initial all-virtual Build conference, Satya Nadella delivered a debate in front of a vast shelving section packaged with knickknacks and family photos. And there was “RGV2cw.” The clearly foolish fibre of letters sat to a right of a CEO’s head. But these kinds of backdrops aren’t selected during random. Surely there contingency be some definition in a madness.

The letters sent chatter users scrambling to decode. One remarkable a participation of a user on a dev house with a name. Another fast snapped adult a hoop to send Build-related tweets. This user, however, appears to be a initial to have burst a code:

Microsoft’s Scott Hanselman reliable a message. It was, utterly literally, a coded summary to developers. Specifically, it’s a word “devs” in a Base64 format. Here, run it by this decoder to see for yourself.

It doesn’t have a shouting, sweaty coercion of Ballmer, though it’s a good tip of a fedora nonetheless.

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