Published On: Wed, Aug 16th, 2017

The most-liked twitter in story says a lot about how a universe is doing

The events that unfolded this weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia have sparked reactions from all corners of a internet. But one Twitter user, former President Barack Obama, had a response that resonated with millions.

Last night, this chatter from Obama became a most-liked chatter on a height ever, with some-more than 3 million likes during a time of writing.

Sadly, this common-sense chatter stands in approach antithesis to a intolerable series of people who side with a Alt-Right, including stream President Donald Trump.

But what’s some-more interesting, perhaps, is a lens that Twitter offers us by that to perspective a world. In 2014, a many retweeted and favourite tweets on a height enclosed Ellen Degeneres’ Oscars selfie.

It was followed by Justin Bieber’s… this:

This year, a second-most favourite chatter was Ariana Grande’s greeting to a Manchester bombing:

To be fair, all wish is not lost. The #NuggsForCarter child still binds a record for many retweets this year, during 3.42 million. But truthfully, that doesn’t offer most solace.

It’s joyless AF that a most-liked tweets of a year, so far, are in greeting to terrorism and xenophobia, and contend something that we should all inherently know: that all people are combined equal.

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