Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2020

The mikme slot is a illusory mobile audio resolution for podcasters, reporters and creators

Portable audio recording solutions abound, and many recently expelled inclination have finished a lot to urge a preference and peculiarity of sound-recording inclination we can lift in your slot — spurred in partial by smartphones and their consistent alleviation in video recording capabilities. A new device from Austria’s mikme, a mikme slot (€369 or only underneath $450 USD), offers a extensive volume of coherence and peculiarity in a unequivocally unstable package, delivering what competence only be a ultimate slot sound resolution for reporters, podcasters, video creators and more.

The basics

mikme slot is tiny — about half a distance of a smartphone, though retard and substantially twice as thick. It’s not as compress as something like a Rode Wireless GO, though it contains onboard memory and a Bluetooth antenna, creation it probable to both record locally and broadcast audio directly to a connected smartphone from adult to 3 mikme pockets during once.

The mikme slot facilities a singular symbol for control, as good as dedicated volume buttons, a 3.5mm headphone jack for monitoring audio, a micro-USB pier for charging and for offloading files around earthy connection, and Bluetooth pairing and energy buttons. It has an integrated belt clip, as good as a 3/8″ thread mountain for mic stands, with an adapter enclosed for ascent to 1/4″ customary camera tripod connections.

In a box, mikme has also enclosed a lavalier microphone with a mini XLR connector (which is a interface a slot uses) and a shave and dual windscreens for a mic. They also offer a “pro” lavalier mic as a separate, appendage squeeze (€149 or around $180 USD), that offers softened opening contra a enclosed lav in terms of audio peculiarity and energetic range.

Image Credits: mikme

The inner battery for a mikme slot lasts adult to 3.5 hours of recording time, and it can final for some-more than 6 months in standby mode between recordings, too.

Design and performance

The mikme slot is a flattering naked black block, though a artless pattern is one of a strengths. It has a textured matte feel that helps with grittiness, and it’s easy to censor in dim clothing, and a integrated belt shave works accurately as desired, ensuring a container is simply cumulative to anyone you’re perplexing to handle for sound. It facilities a singular vast symbol for simplified control, that also simply shows we a connectivity standing regulating an LED backlight.

Controls for some-more modernized functions like Bluetooth connectivity, as good as a micro-USB port, are located on a bottom, where they’re doubtful to be pulpy incidentally by anyone during recording. The mini XLR interface for microphones means that once a mic is plugged in, it’s also firmly sealed in place and won’t be jostled out during sessions.

You can use a mikme slot on a own, interjection to a 16GB of built-in internal storage, though it unequivocally shines when used in tandem with a smartphone app. The app allows we to bond adult to 3 pockets simultaneously, and provides a built-in video recorder so we can take full advantage of a recording capabilities of complicated inclination like a iPhone 12 to constraint real-time synced audio while we film effortlessly. The mikme slot and app also have a failsafe built in for stuffing in any gaps that competence arise from any tie dropouts interjection to a internal recording backup.

In terms of audio quality, a sound though adjusting any settings is excellent. Like all lavalier mics, you’ll get improved formula a closer we can place a tangible mic plug itself to a speaker’s mouth, though a mikme slot constructed well-developed clean-sounding, high-quality audio right out of a box — in environments that weren’t quite sound-isolated or abandoned of credentials noise.

The enclosed mini XLR lav mic is substantially good adequate for a needs of many pledge and fan users, while a lavalier pro is a good ascent choice for anyone looking to make a comprehensive many of their recordings, generally with post-processing around desktop audio modifying software. The mikme app has built-in audio tweaking controls with a good visible interface that allows we to hear a effects of estimate tweaks in genuine time, that is good for maximizing sound peculiarity on a go before pity clips and videos directly from your device to amicable networks or edition platforms.

Bottom line

From on-phone shotgun mics, to handheld recorders and most more, there are copiousness of options out there for capturing audio on-the-go, though a mikme slot is a one that offers a best change of unequivocally high-quality sound that’s radically immediately prepared to publish, in a package that’s both intensely easy to lift anywhere with we and that offers continuance and user-friendliness to fit newcomers and experts alike.

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