Published On: Wed, Apr 17th, 2019

The Live-Action Minecraft Movie Is Due Out In 2022

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In box we forgot, a live-action Minecraft film is on a way. It was indeed reliable by a game’s creator Markus “Notch” Persson behind in 2014 and has given gifted mixed delays. In an central refurbish on a Minecraft website, it’s now been suggested a film will arrive on 4th Mar 2022. To be precise, that’s 34 months or 150 weeks away.

So, what will this film be about? According to a synopsis, it stars “a teenage lady and her doubtful organisation of adventurers” who set out to “save their beautiful, retard overworld” from a “malevolent Ender Dragon” on a trail of destruction. The post also mentions Peter Sollett (Nick Norah’s Infinite Playlist) will approach a film and reconfirmed Warner Bros. involvement.

The post finished adult with a matter on interest of Mojang, mentioning how “exciting” it was to be creation a film and afterwards inferring everything:

Since we’re a diversion developer first, creation a film will be new and really exciting. And while a film has to be opposite from a diversion (otherwise, you’d be in for an gigantic film in really low resolution) one thing will really be a same. We wish to make a film — only as we make a diversion — for you. We’re desirous by large things, though nothing as most as a implausible things a village creates in Minecraft each day. So keep it coming!

In summary: a film has a date. It has a director. It has an central storyline…

Are we looking brazen to this live-action Minecraft film due out in 2022? Tell us down below.

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