Published On: Sat, Dec 31st, 2016

The LG G6 Sees Case Render Leak Showing Dual Camera & More

With a small some-more than 12 hours left until 2017 is strictly with us, a leaks only don’t wish to stop. We’re streamer closer to subsequent year’s flagships day by day and a gait of purported information surfacing online is augmenting as well. Today, it’s a spin of a LG G6 to finally beauty us with some sum on a features. The device will redeem LG, who faced a rather unsatisfactory marketplace response with a LG G5 this year. Take a demeanour subsequent to find out more.

LG G6 Sees Case Render Surface With Little Details Shown

2016 has been an engaging year, to contend a least. While there have been small upgrades in terms of pattern for a infancy of flagships, a integrate of new facilities have turn a norm. One of these is a twin camera, that has started to interfuse flagships bit by bit. After Apple’s adoption of a underline of a iPhone 7 Plus, we’re conference that Samsung will make identical moves with a Galaxy S8 subsequent year. Now, looks like  LG competence adopt a underline subsequent year as well.

While a LG G5 was a initial in a G lineup to come with a twin camera, things on a LG G6 have been really capricious so far. The G5 wasn’t a really renouned device among consumers. As a result, we’re now conference whispers of a association selecting to desert a modular pattern for a successor. However, a twin camera is here to stay. An purported box describe of a LG G6 has flush today.


As we can take a demeanour above, a LG G6 will underline a twin camera and a fingerprint sensor on a rear. Apart form these features, really small sum can be discerned from a image. However, it’s a pleasing change of events, for a device that saw hardly no leaks before to December. The bar is set utterly high for a lot of Android manufacturers subsequent year, as 2016 didn’t do a lot of folks any favors. Samsung suffered terribly with a Galaxy Note 7 and LG didn’t transport any good with a G5 either.

For a LG G6, a device is rumored to underline a potion back, an LCD display, no modular pattern and a Snapdragon 835 as a processor. Other sum for a specifications and pattern aren’t famous as of yet. However, things won’t change most from a LG G5 in altogether looks, if some reder leaks are taken as fact. Given that there’s still a lot of time compartment a device is launched, some-more information will surface. Till then, stay tuned and let us now what we consider in a comments territory below. We’ll keep we updated on a latest.

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